“Let’s get it done!”

KIDNAPPED Banner ©Jack BoardmanPreviously: “Got it! Grab your time-traveling gear and I’ll notify the rest of our posse and the NCIS team—meet us at the Codger’s in Lakeview City.”

“Frontier gear?”

“Yup—while we may be better than average with modern weapons—we’re the best with our 19th Century arms.”

“Okay—got it!”

Lieutenant Silverthorn figured they had a lead on the location of his parents, “I want in!”

“No Hy, stay here—let us do what we do best—you’re too close and could jeopardize our operation.”

“I want in,” Hiram, Jr. insisted.

“Fine, round-up your deputies—you will form a buffer between those FBI jerks and our folks.”

“Okay, Boomer—I guess that’s the best I can hope for from an incorrigible sheriff.”

“You got that right.”

Season 13—Adventure 6—KIDNAPPED—Episode 11—Scene 1… On Jay’s drive up to the Militia HQ—time stood still and Cujo appeared, “You need to be trained on that weapon you now have on the seat beside you—allow me to train you.” Cujo did just that. When he arrived he was capable of hitting the 10-ring of a target at 75 meters with his little machine-pistol—something he would soon need to accomplish, “Howdy fellas, you ain’t easy to find; even with instructions.”

Jay arrived at Militia HQ ©Jack Boardman“Howdy fellas, you ain’t easy to find; even with instructions.”

Both militiamen carried military-grade M-16 rifles—when they saw the machine-pistol, one of the quipped, “You need to upgrade your shootin’ iron, boy, them things ain’t worth carrying.”

“Really?” Jay replied, “See that pine cone over yonder?”

As they turned to look, Jay fired a single round—and the pine cone exploded into pine-crumbs.

“Okay—you’ve convinced me,” the leader of the two said, “Git in yer Jeep an’ follow us. We got a job for you.”

“What about the paintball battle?”

“We got that covered—there’s more of us than you’ve seen.”

KIDNAPPED—Episode 11—Scene 2… Inside the Codger Café… “I’ve arranged for NCIS to meet us near the cabin where we believe the Silverthorns are being held. And Jay has set his phone on broadcast to me—he’s been assigned to kill the hostages while the kidnappers engage us.”

“Those bastar…”

Inside the Codger Café ©Jack Boardman“Those bastar…”

“I agree,” Boomer interrupted Mac, “We’ll engage them outside the cabin, and NCIS will gather-up those who are playing paintball before we get to the cabin—so they may be a bit late to the party.”

“Can we do this without killing anyone?”

“I hope so, Sarah, but I have my doubts,” Boomer replied, “And too, we don’t want to take a chance with Jay’s life—we CANNOT let them get back inside the cabin.”

“I’m ready!” Chris announced as she rested her gun hand on her sidearm, “Let’s get it done!”



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10 Responses to “Let’s get it done!”

  1. Sarah Cooper says:

    Eeeeek! I AM worried!

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  2. OMGOODNESS!!! My gun and I are ready 🙂 A bit spooky though!

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  3. sgtmajcarl says:

    Ah reckon we’re back in the saddle AGAIN!

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  4. lhalvor says:

    Now that ear worm is in my head.

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