There was nobody on board

Back to Normal Banner ©Jack BoardmanPreviously: “I’m sorry Sheriff, my boyfriend is not blessed with much of a brain,” The redhead apologized, “My name is Harper, Rene Harper—and big-badmouthed boyfriend is Jerry Carlson—just in case you have to arrest him.”

“Let’s go check out what we can rent,” Jerry said, “I’m sorry Sheriff, but where I come from people know their place.”

“You just see that while you’re in my county—you know your place—else your place will be in my jail.”

After they left, Boomer called the manager at Lakeview Motors. He told them to supply them anything they need—complete with tracking devices in each, “I have a hunch this is connected to the Canadian Ojibwe plan to take over the Eagle Point Reservation.”

“They’re going to hit the Casino?”

“That’s my thought, Mac.”

Season 13—Adventure 7—Back to Normal?—Episode 10—Scene 1… At Moosehead City Hospital… Deputy Kim DeRusha interviewed Randy Summers, one of the survivors of the Battle of Moosehead CR 65, “I didn’t know what they were gonna do—I was told we was s’posta just hassle the people at the motel—then they started shooting.”

At Moosehead City Hospital ©Jack BoardmanAt Moosehead City Hospital

“You didn’t know their plan?”

“Some of it—we was gonna hit the armored car when it left the casino,” Randy began, “They said it would be easy and on one would get hurt—nobody was s’posta get hurt. Then they attacked that deputy—they lied to me.”

DeRusha called the sheriff with what she learned.

“Offer him a reduced charge of conspiracy in exchange for his cooperation, and if he agrees, put him in a private room in the hospital. Stay with him until you’re relieved.”

“Yes sir.”

“Good work, Deputy.”

Back to Normal?—Episode 10—Scene 2… At the Lakeview Tavern… The “bikers” rented six nondescript sedans and made arrangements with the rental manager for a large van, “It will take a couple of hours to get the truck here for you.”

“We have the time,” Rene Harper replied, “Is there any place we can wait where refreshments, other than coffee are served?”

“Yes, Silverthorn’s Lakeview Tavern, they’re open now.”

Five minutes later—sixteen biker-wannabes descended upon Silverthorn’s Lakeview Tavern—to the complete and utter surprise of the Stanchfield sisters who had just completed their preparations for the brunch rush, “Good morning and welcome to the Lakeview Tavern!”

Badass Bikers arrived the Lakeview Tavern ©Jack Boardman“Good morning and welcome to the Lakeview Tavern!”

They placed their respective “liquid brunch” orders—almost certainly something that would give the manager of Lakeview Motors to get everything ready for them—as per the Sheriff’s orders.

The bikers no more that started their respective liquid brunches when Betty Stanchfield said to Rene, “Lakeview Motors just called, your cars are all fueled, washed and ready for you.”

“Thank you,” she replied, and detailed six of her crew to go get the cars.

Fifteen minutes later—Rene was again approached by Betty, “You guys have not yet arrived.”

Rene called one of the men she’d sent—Sheriff Boomer answered, “He can’t answer—none of your men can answer.”

“What? Why not?”

“They stopped at the Codger Café and Coffee and made the huge mistake of hassling Deputy McIntyre—three of them are on their way to the hospital and the remaining three are about to head to my jail.”

Back to Normal?—Episode 10—Scene 3… At the Codger Café & Coffee™… Sheriff Boomer contacted Chief Deputy Shouse, “Okay—vacation’s over—get our crew together and send them to the Blue Swallow Motel and arrest the suspects—I have Marshal Silverthorn going to the Codger Lodge to arrest the suspects there.”


“Try not to shoot anybody.”

“Dammit!” Chris laughed.

Boomer then turned to Mac, “First we pay a visit to the Lakeview Tavern and hassle those biker wannabes.”

“Excellent—I want a piece of that big loudmouthed sissy,” Mac rumbled, “I have two squads responding to the tavern, they should arrive in a few minutes.”

“When they arrive, we’ll go get the folks at the Codger Lodge™!”

As it turned out they’d not have to go to the lodge—Medford called and informed the sheriff that the Codger’s boat was past due—way past due to return.

So they amused themselves confronting the biker wannabes. Mac walked-up to Jerry Carlson, the loudmouthed wannabe, who attempted to punch Mac.

Mac & Boomer amused themselves confronting the Badass Bikers ©Jack BoardmanSo they amused themselves confronting the biker wannabes.

Mac grabbed his wrist, and bent his arm behind his back and slapped a handcuff around the guy’s wrist, then grabbed his long hair and forced him to kneel as he finished cuffing him.

The racial epithets were many and nasty—lasting until he was shoved into a waiting squad car.

Jerry Carlson could not bring himself to believe that anyone as old as Mac could be so strong—and so fast.

The rest of the biker-wannabes surrendered without a fuss.

Back to Normal?—Episode 10—Scene 4… Somewhere on Lake Superior… Sara Running Deer, William and James White Eagle, Tatonga Rushing Water, Thomas Lonewolf, Willie Howling Coyote, James Laughing Brook, and Eddie Standing Bear, were aboard the “Superior Traveler” where they were monitoring their operations.

As news reports began trickling in, they made the decision to not return to the lodge.

A week later the boat was found drifting on the lake.

Sara Running Deer and her staff on Superior ©Jack BoardmanA week later the boat was found drifting on the lake.

There was nobody on board.

Thus ends this Adventure—but our story? To be Continued…


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8 Responses to There was nobody on board

  1. Sarah Cooper says:

    Oh, no! I hope Cujo knows where they are!

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  2. sgtmajcarl says:

    I was pleased to SCHOOL Mr. Carlson. 😀

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  3. Chris Shouse says:

    Taking down the Wanna Be Bad Guys is fun 🙂

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