Moosehead County Attorney

County Attorney Banner ©Jack BoardmanPreviously: “Thank you madam foreman, you may be seated. Mr. Peterson approach the bench. You have been convicted on all counts—I am staying your sentence for fleeing a lawful traffic stop and ordering you to be transported as soon as possible to the correctional facility at Oak Park Heights, Stillwater, Washington County, Minnesota where you will serve, according to Minnesota sentencing guidelines, on each count, namely attempted aggravated assault on a sheriff’s deputy in the performance of his duty, and illegal possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, to be served consecutively.”

“But Your Honor, that means my client won’t be eligible for parole for forty years.”

“You are correct, counsellor,” Judge Fisher replied.


“You may appeal, if you wish,” Fisher said, then looked at Chief Deputy Earp, “Would it be possible for Chief Deputy Shouse to fly the prisoner directly to Lake Elmo airport—to facilitate Mr. Carlson’s transfer to Oak Park?”

“I will contact her immediately and ask her to report to the airfield as soon as possible.”

“Thank you Wyatt. Bailiff—escort Mr. Carlson to his cell, please. Deputy Silverthorn, please assist the bailiff.”

“Yes, Your Honor.”

Season 13—Adventure 9—County Attorney—Episode 1—Scene 1… “INJUSTICE anywhere is an injustice EVERYWHERE.” ~ Martin Luther King, Jr. tells part of the story we are about to tell, GENTLE READER, it is also the story of Brian Lepus and how he came to be the Moosehead County Attorney.

He’s from Chelmsford, MA and went to Brown to get his law degree.  He practiced law in upstate New York.  When he was about 35 he got mixed up in drug smugglers going back and forth to Canada at Buffalo and across Lake Erie.  He turned them all in and went into the witness protection program.  He has been hiding out in UP Michigan for a while, teaching history at Michigan Tech.  He knows Lake Superior well because he loves boating.

His decision to go back into law and apply to the Minnesota Bar got the attention of the Feds, who threw him out of the witness protection program for doing that and revealing his real name.  But they still keep tabs on them.  He’s not afraid because the gang he put away 15 years ago are all dead or very old.  The Feds think he’s being foolish, even if he is far from Buffalo.

County Attorney—Episode 1—Scene 2…In the air over Saint Paul, MN… James William “Petey” Peterson simply couldn’t keep his mouth shut, “You know no prison can hold me—I’ll be gone before you take-off to go home.”

Chris did not take the bait—instead, she engaged in a series of aerobatics violent enough to scare the bejesus out of an experienced pilot—much less than a loud-mouthed tough-guy wannabe.


“Are you going to keep quiet?”

Chris overflew Holman Field enroute Lake Elmo ©Jack Boardman“Are you going to keep quiet?”

“Okay—OKAY!” He exclaimed as Chris put the Lightning into a series of barrel-rolls, “STOP!

Chris completed three more such rolls before righting the airplane—an effective exclamation point. Peterson said nothing the rest of the flight.



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11 Responses to Moosehead County Attorney

  1. Sarah Cooper says:

    I hope she keeps barf bags in there!

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  2. Joseph Jerkovich says:

    I would beg for more!!

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  3. Chris Shouse says:

    Love that picture of me flying!!!

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  4. Erik Hare says:

    Wow, you never know who will show up in Danger Bay, doya? 🙂

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