“This blog has stunt-men, and women?”

County Attorney Banner ©Jack BoardmanSeason 13—Adventure 9—County Attorney—Episode 6—Scene 1… 19th Century Moosehead City…

After checking the town thoroughly, our heroes re-mounted, and Sarah made a final attempt, “Cujo, we need you.”

Cujo appeared in 19th Century Moosehead City ©Jack Boardman“Cujo, we need you.”

“I am here,” Cujo—a very large and transparent Cujo, sort of appeared, “As you have guessed, you are needed in 1873. The townspeople have indeed disappeared; not just here, but throughout the land—at least the good and honest citizens.”

“What of the dishonest people?” Chris asked—stroking the butt of her Remington .44.

“Let me reword that a bit—people who are just a bit less than honest are still around. But the hard cases are absolutely still here and causing all manner of crimes and general mayhem—mostly fighting among themselves. Your job is to restore law & order.”


“No, Alpha Jack, just within this county—BEFORE this plague spreads.”

“Where are our dog-people?”

“They’re out scouting and will find you when they can give you information.”

“Usually, when we go into the past, there’s lots of shooting and killing going-on, right?”

“Yes, Sarah,” Cujo replied, “It IS the frontier, after all.”

“What happened to the kinder, gentler, story lines we’re supposed to be doing now?” Linda was just a bit perplexed.

“Oh, THAT,” Cujo laughed, “I’ve made some changes in how we present the violent past. Think 50s westerns, particularly TV westerns where the good guys can shoot the guns out of the bad people’s hands or just wound the bad guys—and there’s never any blood.”

“Sometimes they get killed,” Ralph said, “When they got shot off a horse and rolled a couple of times, then just lay still.”

“Right, and as soon as the camera is off them, they get up, dust themselves off, and prepare for their next stunts.”

“This blog has stunt-men, and women?” Linda asked.

“Of course—don’t all blogs?”

To be Continued—EVENTUALLY.

County Attorney—Episode 6—Scene 2… 21ST Century Moosehead City Silverthorn’s Café… Linda White Eagle and John Kuckunniwi were the only folks in Silverthorn’s Moosehead City Café as the breakfast rush was over for another day when Joey and Debra rushed in, “Did you see the sheriff’s squad fade away?”

“Did you see the sheriff’s squad fade away?”“Did you see the sheriff’s squad fade away?”

“Oh, sure,” White Eagle replied, “And Sheriff Boomer as well. That happens every so often.”

“Yeah,” Kuckunniwi added, “Usually he and his deputies leave from our Danger Bay location. Cujo must have needed them in the past.”

“In the past?” Debra was having some difficulty assimilating this—Joey was stunned to silence, “Let me get this straight—you are saying they time-travel?”

“That’s about right,” White Eagle smiled, “You seem surprised.”

“This—this is normal?” Joey stuttered.

“Yeah, it is—is it not normal where you come from?”



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5 Responses to “This blog has stunt-men, and women?”

  1. Sarah Cooper says:

    Maybe that “kinder, gentler” way of doing things will spread off the blog and into real life …

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Chris Shouse says:

    Love that ““That’s about right,” White Eagle smiled, “You seem surprised.”

    “This—this is normal?” Joey stuttered.

    “Yeah, it is—is it not normal where you come from?”

    Seems normal to me!!! LOL 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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