Adventure’s End—Loose Ends

County Attorney Banner ©Jack BoardmanSeason 13—Adventure 9—County Attorney—Episode 9—Scene 1…Lepus & Jones’ office… AJ Hammar found the entire population of Lepus and Jones present when he returned, “Well, Andrew Jackson,” Brian Lepus greeted the newest member of the firm, “How did you judges’ inquisition go?”

“They accepted me.”

“Wonderful, AJ,” Melissa Ames grinned, “Now let’s get to work!”

And get to work is exactly what they did

That—GENTLE READER—takes care of this “Adventure’s” conclusion. We will however, return to our county court system—thanks to our better-than-average law enforcement officers.

The chase began soon after the fugitives were seen by sheriff’s deputies as the two, Herbie and Devon, blew through Moosehead City. Unfortunately for them, they were seen taking the Historic 61 cutoff leading to Lakeview City, “Light ‘em up, Andy and set-sail for Lakeview City!”

The big Mercury did indeed light up, as she laid a patch of burnt rubber as Andy jammed his foot to the floor—at forty miles per hour! The car rocketed to over 100 mph (except in the curves where Andy slowed to 70 mph), providing both young deputies with an adrenalin rush.

County Attorney—Episode 9—Scene 2… Lakeview City…

With two squads Coming from the north, and Silverthorn and Eagle Talon from the south—they were trapped. All they could do was stop.

Moosehead County Sheriffs stopped the fugitives ©Jack Boardman All they could do was stop.

They drew their guns.

Eagle Talon and Silverthorn took positions off the corners on both sides of their car—where neither could easily shoot at them, and the rest of the deputies—four of them—took positions directly in front of the car where, if necessary, shoot them through the windshield.

They gave-up, tossing their guns out of the windows.

Soon they were lying face-down, cuffed, and cussing each other out.

They were helped to their feet and deposited, one each, in a squad for transit to the jail in Moosehead City.

County Attorney—Episode 9—Scene 3… 1873 Danger Bay… Joey and Debra, after fading-out of the 21st Century find themselves riding down a dusty street—a street they would soon learn runs through the Village of Danger Bay—sometime in the 19th Century!

Village of Danger Bay—sometime in the 19th Century ©Jack BoardmanVillage of Danger Bay—sometime in the 19th Century!

They rode past the blacksmith’s shop—noting his strong resemblance to Medlar Farkleberry.

Reading the sign on the building confirmed their suspicion.

They stopped in front of “Silverthorn’s Supply and Restaurant,” both, again, were not surprised.

“Hello travelers, welcome to Danger Bay,” the man in front greeted, “I’m James Silverthorn. If you’re hungry, we’re serving lunch.”

“We’re really in the past, Joey.”

Thus ends this adventure—But our story? To be CONTINUED…


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10 Responses to Adventure’s End—Loose Ends

  1. Jack Boardman says:

    And so ends another riveting adventure! Time to visit the 19th Century!


  2. Chris Shouse says:

    I like the 19th Century Never a dull moment 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Joseph Jerkovich says:

    Will we be staying here long? I only brought one change of underwear

    Liked by 3 people

  4. sgtmajcarl says:

    “We’re really in the past, Joey.”



  5. Erik Hare says:

    OK, I did not see them going back again …

    Liked by 1 person

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