“I hope they arrive.”

Past Time Danger Bay Banner ©Jack BoardmanSeason 13—Adventure 10—Past Time Danger Bay, Episode 1, Scene 1… Moosehead City… As our heroes rode into Moosehead City—they found it deserted of all beings, save for those six-feet under the headstones in the town cemetery, “This is really spooky!”

19th Century Moosehead City was deserted ©Jack Boardman“This is really spooky!”

“Yes. it is, Linda,” Ralph agreed, “Maybe they’re all inside.”

They split up—with Chris and Wyatt checking the residential street, Linda and Ralph checking all the buildings on the main street, and the rest riding out in all directions from the town.

There were no people anywhere.

There was livestock—unattended.

There were dogs and cats hanging around their homes.

There were fish in the creeks.

There were birds overhead.

There were bugs—lots of bugs.

But—there were no humans.

The sun was still in the sky.

And, probably, stars in the sky.

They’d have to wait until after dark to confirm this, however.

It was exactly as Cujo had told them:

“I am here,” Cujo—a very large and transparent Cujo, sort of appeared,As you have guessed, you are needed in 1873. The townspeople have indeed disappeared; not just here, but throughout the land—at least the good and honest citizens.”

County Attorney—Episode 6—Scene 1… 19th Century Moosehead City “Let’s head for Danger Bay,” Chris suggested.

That’s EXACTLY what they did.

Past Time Danger Bay, Episode 1, Scene 2… Silverthorn’s… Clearly—Cujo was wrong (how can this be?), Danger Bay was occupied—at least part of it.

https://c1.staticflickr.com/9/8550/29187756866_f7561eb3bb_o.jpgDanger Bay was occupied—at least part of it.

“It’s quiet this morning,” James Silverthorn said as he poured the coffee, “We have had only a few customers this morning.”

“We saw no one on the road outside of town,” Joey observed, “Just the stagecoach leaving, and a man next door at the blacksmith’s.”

“That would be Med Farkleberry,” Silverthorn replied, “You know—you are the spitting image of Josef Jerkowitz—but you can’t be—he died a year ago.”

“Clearly, I’m alive,” Joey replied, “They say each of us has a doppelgänger somewhere—or sometime.”

“We’re looking for some friends,” Debra was looking around the store, “Boomer Jack, Sarah Cooper, and several others.”

“Ah—time travelers,” Silverthorn grinned, “They’ve not arrived here—yet.”

“I hope they arrive.”

So do we, GENTLE READER, so do we!



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5 Responses to “I hope they arrive.”

  1. Joseph Jerkovich says:

    HAHAHAHA. Joseph Jerkowitch. A long lost relative

    Liked by 2 people

  2. sgtmajcarl says:

    “Ah—time travelers,” Silverthorn grinned, “They’ve not arrived here—yet.”



  3. Chris Shouse says:

    I am sure we will have adventures on our way to Danger Bay 🙂 Yipee 🙂


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