“You’re not suggesting…”

Past Time Danger Bay Banner ©Jack BoardmanSeason 13—Adventure 10—Episode 3, Scene 1… On the road to Danger Bay… The Rootin-Tootinist Posse were warned by Flutters of the approach of eleven outlaws and Boomer immediately had the posse form a battle-line in the grass in a wide spot along the road.

Rootin-Tootinist Posse returned gunshots ©Jack BoardmanThe Rootin-Tootinist Posse were warned by Flutters

The posse didn’t need any further instructions—they drew their weapons and prepared for battle.

The whole idea of forming the line was that it would allow them to all fire at one time without blocking anyone’s shot.

Unfortunately, there was no way to prevent this, the outlaws too soon saw the posse and drew their side arms as they turned to run.

The numerically outnumbered posse immediately dropped three outlaws off their horses—without harming a single horse, amazingly enough, as the horses are much larger targets than their riders.

The sentient steeds required no prompting to give chase and, just as in the old movies and TV shows—our deadly accurate gunslinging heroes were largely unable to hit all but one or two of their prey—go figure.

The chase went on—and on—and on, until finally the sentient horses caught-up with the remaining seven outlaws.

The male members of the posse, being all macho and stuff, jumped off their steeds and onto the outlaw’s steed wrestling the hapless bad guy off the horse and onto the ground. Once on the ground, they engaged in the obligatory fist-fight lasting far too long—and considering most of the good guys ranged in age from the early sixties into the eighties—they all ultimately won their fisticuffs matches, again—go figure.

Now the female members of the posse took a whole different tac—they pointed their weapons at their prey at told them to surrender—or ELSE!

The outlaws were first and foremost—cowards. They surrendered.

Kinda makes you wonder—GENTLE READER—who employed the better tactic?

Okay—OKAY! I got it!

Season 13—Adventure 10—Episode 3, Scene 2… At the Danger Bay City Marshal’s office… “Why did you bring us here?” Joey asked.

Danger Bay City Marshal’s office ©Jack BoardmanDanger Bay City Marshal’s office

“So, what are you going to live on during your time in this century?”

The thought had never occurred to either Joey or Debra—both reached for their wallets—both found them empty.

“Just as I thought,” Silverthorn grinned, “You had no chance to prepare for time travel, right? Well, it seems we need a city marshal, since our old marshal passed away.”

“Who was your old marshal?” Joey asked.

“Josef Jerkowitz.”

“Oh—wait,” Joey responded, “You’re not suggesting…”



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9 Responses to “You’re not suggesting…”

  1. Joseph Jerkovich says:

    Hmmm, Josef Jerkowitz. Not THEE Josef Jerkowitz?

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  2. Chris Shouse says:

    We ladies just have it all together 🙂

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