“Joey doesn’t like me being the boss.”

Past Time Danger Bay Banner ©Jack BoardmanSeason 13—Adventure 10—Episode 6, Scene 1… On the road to Danger Bay… Mac and the rest of the Rootin-Tootinist Posse continued their journey to Danger Bay with the intent of incarcerating the remaining seven outlaws.

They were soon joined by Flutters (who flew over-watch), Buttons, and Pepper (who had been trotting off the road—covering their right flank), and just as Boomer & Jay experienced—the outlaws were full of “tough-talk,” talk which failed to impress any member of the posse.

The posse tuned-out their chatter.

The outlaws gave up—their comments didn’t have the desired effect.

The dog-people had much to say—but only their friends heard what they were saying—the outlaws heard only barking and squawking.

They wished they’d just shut-up!

They did not get their wish.

The Posse continued their journey ©Jack BoardmanThey did not get their wish

The ride didn’t last long—ten minutes at the most.

But it was the longest ten minutes of their miserable lives—so far.

There to greet them were two city marshals—City Marshal Debra Wennen-Miller and Deputy City Marshal Joey Jerkowitz.

“Well, lookie-here,” Chris grinned, “We wondered when you’d join us in time.”

“They made us an offer we couldn’t refuse,” Debra replied.

“Even if we desperately wanted to refuse,” Joey added.

“Joey doesn’t like me being the boss.”

“Would you like you being the boss?”

“Oh—heck yeah!”

“You may stop now,” Mac laughed, “We really need to fill your jail.”

“Oh—goody!” Debra said, “That will give Joey something constructive to do.”

Episode 6, Scene 2… The Great Beyond… Pepper dawdled crossing the Rainbow Bridge—he stopped frequently to look left and right from the bridge—and marveled at what he saw.

I can’t tell you, GENTLE READER, what he saw—I’m simply not privy to what is there to see—at least not YET!

“Welcome, Pepper,” Cujo greeted her cyber friend and RW newcomer, “I have been expecting you for a very-long time.”

Pepper DID make it to the Great Beyond ©Jack Boardman“Welcome, Pepper”

“I’m sorry, Cujo, it’s just…”

“I know—a difficult journey—it was for me as well.”

“You—you came from the REAL WORLD?”

“Yes, fourteen human years ago.”

“That’s a very long time—will I ever see my humans again?”

“Of that I am certain!”


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4 Responses to “Joey doesn’t like me being the boss.”

  1. sgtmajcarl says:

    “That’s a very long time—will I ever see my humans again?”

    DAMMIT BOOMER! My eyes are watering. 😥

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Chris Shouse says:

    My eyes are watering too 😦

    Liked by 1 person

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