“I’ll have them take her out first.”

Deadwood Banner ©Jack BoardmanSeason 13—Adventure 11—Deadwood! Episode 3—Scene 1… Inside Ragnar’s Cabin… Ragnar Skjeggestad met with Ulysses Olsen, the leader of the Eagle Riders, and conveniently, the head teller at the bank, and an unnamed extra playing an also nameless Eagle Rider, “So you’re certain of that?”

Ragnar met with Ulysses Olsen ©Jack BoardmanRagnar Skjeggestad met with Ulysses Olsen

“I am, Ragnar,” Olsen replied, “The biggest shipment we’ve ever sent to Denver—roughly one-hundred thousand bucks worth of gold.”

Skjeggestad dismissed the Eagle Rider before responding to Olsen—he had no “need to know.”

“Very well, Ulysses, we’ll not send the Eagle Riders to intercept this shipment.”

“Why not, sir?”

“There are some strangers in Deadwood—I sense they are very dangerous.”

“All the more reason, sir.”

“On the contrary,” Skjeggestad replied, “We need to teach our ruffians a little respect—getting a few of the killed might just accomplish that, and give us some notion of how good these lawmen are—something we must learn.”

“You’ll fly over-watch?”


Deadwood! Episode 3—Scene 2… Deadwood Town Marshal’s Office… “Marshal Hutchins tells me you’re out of Minnesota. I’m Deputy Skjeggestad and I too, hail from Minnesota.”

“Whereabouts?” Chris asked.

Jimmy, Wyatt & Chris met with Deputy Skjeggestad ©Jack Boardman“Whereabouts?”

“Near a place called Danger Bay—in Moosehead County.”

“I’ve been there—beautiful country there,” Chris replied, “Why did you leave?”

“My brother was murdered there—I just couldn’t stay there after that happened.”

“I can’t blame you for leaving,” Jimmy Hickok replied, “That is a tough thing to go through.”

“There’s a bit more to it than that,” Ragnar continued, “My parents were never accepted in Moosehead County—at least not completely. When they passed away, very few of the residents showed at the graveyard to pay their respects.”

Chris was immediately on guard after the comment about the death of his brother—and sensed he hadn’t quite made the connection, “Well. Deputy, we’d best be on our way—we have some panning to do.”

“By all means—and welcome to Deadwood.”

“Thank you, deputy Skjeggestad,” Hickok replied, “We’ll let you know how we failed to find a single nugget.”

Moments after they left Ulysses returned, “Are those people going to be a problem?”

“Yes they are,” Skjeggestad replied, “I believe the woman killed my brother.”

“How’d you determine that?”

“By the way she wears her guns—she’s a gunfighter. Maybe we should warn the boys we have intercepting that gold shipment.”

“I’ll have them take her out first.”



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6 Responses to “I’ll have them take her out first.”

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    I am not worried…however, I said he had not made the connection yet but he does suspect! I best be on my guard! 🙂

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  2. sgtmajcarl says:

    YIKES! :-/

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