Arrival Banner ©Jack BoardmanSeason 14—Adventure 1—Arrival—Episode 5—Scene 1… In Silverthorn’s Café… “Good morning, Debra and ummmm—Joey, right?” Hiram greeted as they walked in, “Sorry Joey, it’s just that—you look so tease-worthy.”

“You are not the first to make that observation,” Joey laughed, “What’s for breakfast?”

“Whatever you recommend will be fine,” Debra replied, “Famished.”

“Where is everyone?”

“It’s Sunday. We don’t get busy until late morning,” Hiram noticed Lacy Dalton Shouse arrive, “G’morning Lacy—join the crowd.”

Debra and Joey entered Silverthorn’s Café ©Jack Boardman“G’morning Lacy—join the crowd.”

“Gee—will I fit?”

“I’ll squeeze over,” Joey replied, “I just hope Mr. Silverthorn can handle the rush.”

“I’ll manage.”

“So—looking at the heading at the top of this blog-post,” Joey looked-up, “It says ‘Adventure 1,’ it doesn’t seem like an adventure—just day-to-day living in Danger Bay.”

“Same here,” Lacy agreed, “It’s been fun, time traveling is a bit of an adventure—but that seems to be a normal thing here.”

“True enough,” Hiram agreed, “But look at the art-work behind the counter. They display what this place once looked like—and now look how we appear. In your so-called ‘real world’ things don’t change like that, right?”

“I guess they don’t,” Debra replied, “And we did have quite the adventure at the end of ‘Season 13.’ But since we returned we’ve done ordinary things people in the real world.”

“Two more coffees coming-up,” Hiram greeted Mac and Boomer as they walked in.

“Busy here this morning.”

Mac and Boomer arrived at Silverthorn’s Café ©Jack Boardman“Busy here this morning.”

“Indeed, Mac,” Hiram poured the coffee, “I may have to call Kiwi in to help.”

“Yup!” Mac quickly added, “A geezer like you needs ALL the help he can get!”

“Easy for you to say—you’re only a decade older than I!”


“These new kids seem to think they’re not having an ‘Adventure’ as stated on the blog headings.”

“Hiram mentioned something about not being able to see your place when we rode by…”

“CRAP!” Boomer exclaimed, “We’ll get that done right now.”

“Party at my place—tonight!” Mac rumbled, “Now that we can get everyone invited—and able to find the place.”



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4 Responses to “Touché!”

  1. Joseph Jerkovich says:

    Tease-worthy HAHAHAHAA

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  2. sgtmajcarl says:



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  3. Chris Shouse says:

    I look forward to them getting their adventure wishes 🙂


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