Airplanes over Strykerville

Strykerville Banner ©Jack BoardmanSeason 14—Adventure 2—Strykerville—Episode 1—Scene 1… At dawn and after intense training—lasting at LEAST two—mebbe—THREE hours—TOPS, Lacey, Debra, and Joey were on their first solo flight.

Formation flight is an important aspect for members of the Historic Air Force as they are frequently called to perform at airshows and the like.

With Debra flying lead—they first headed out over Lake Superior where Debra decided they’d threaten fewer folks on the ground as they grappled with flying in formation, “Why do you get to be the leader?”

“Oh quit grousing, Joey, you’ll get your turn—eventually,” Debra replied.

“But I want my turn now.”

Historic Air Force airplanes over Superior ©Jack Boardman“Oh quit grousing, Joey…”

“Okay,” Joey chuckled, “I was just trying to get your goat.”

“I think it worked,” Lacey laughed, “You certainly were working on getting mine. Let’s head back over land—and scare some citizens—instead of fish.”

Strykerville—Episode 1—Scene 2… Stryker’s Empty Garage… Adolph Stryker was already in his office when his son (and accountant) arrived at Oh-Dark-Forty-Five, “You’re late!”

“Yes, yes I am,” Brian Stryker grinned, “Just like every morning, and just to piss you off—glad to know it works!”

The elder Stryker laughed—just like every morning, “Let’s take a walk out into our overwhelmed service area.”

“As we do every morning.”

Adolph was not happy ©Jack Boardman“As we do every morning.”

And, as it has been for two weeks, the service bays were empty—no cars or trucks—or even roller skates were being worked on.

“Do you suppose Farkleberry, with all his locations is affecting our business, Pop?”

“No,” Adolph angrily replied, “It’s your no-account brothers doing shoddy work!”

“Maybe we could ask Lar Farkleberry for some advice…”

“And admit we can’t run our own business?”

“What is THAT?” Adolph exclaimed as both heard the unmistakable sound of very-large piston engines.

They quickly went outside.

Historic Air Force airplanes over Strykerville ©Jack BoardmanThey quickly went outside.

Three old warbirds circled around and made a second pass—if the citizens of Strykerville hadn’t yet awakened—they were wide awake now.

“Call the sheriff!”

“The sheriff himself, or the dispatcher?”


The call was made—the sheriff called Carl McIntyre (the operations officer of the Historic Air Force) and dispatched him to meet the flight at the airfield.

It would not be pretty.




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6 Responses to Airplanes over Strykerville

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    Oh! They are in trouble now and it was Lacey’s idea!! Does that sound like something Chris would do?

    Liked by 2 people

  2. sgtmajcarl says:

    “Maybe we could ask Lar Farkleberry for some advice…”



  3. Sarah Cooper says:

    I can almost hear them pass!

    Liked by 1 person

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