“Business was good at first, Lar…”

Strykerville Banner ©Jack BoardmanSeason 14—Adventure 2—Strykerville—Episode 2—Scene 1… At the Danger Bay Airfield… Carl (Big-Mac) McIntyre, operations officer of the Historic Air Force, was already at the Danger Bay Airfield (he’s mighty-fast for an old feller), waiting to greet Lacey, Debra and Joey upon their return.

He had a very-large smile on his face in anticipation—it was not a happy smile. It was the smile of a former Drill-Sergeant and Sergeant-Major with 30 years’ service in the U. S. Army. When it comes to administering a chewing-out, Mac took a back-seat to no one—including the best Marine basic-training Gunnery-Sergeant!

The flight landed and taxied to the hangar and a broadly smiling Big Mac. They probably thought he was happy to see them.

He was happy—just not the way they thought he would be.

“I hear you put on an impromptu airshow.”

“I hear you put on an impromptu airshow” ©Jack Boardman“I hear you put on an impromptu airshow”

“Yes,” Lacey replied, “It was something I thought they might appreciate.”

Joey and Debra knew Mac just a little better than Lacey—both shuddered knowing what was coming.

Some of the language Mac used might offend your gentle sensibilitiesGENTLE READER—so I won’t include his words, let’s just say Lacey was truly impressed by Mac’s grasp of the English language.

Episode 2—Scene 2… In the office of Adolph Stryker… “Business was good at first, Lar,” Adolph said, “But it slowly died off over the past few years and I haven’t a clue why.”

Medlar Farkleberry arrived at Stryker’s Service ©Jack Boardman“Business was good at first, Lar…”

“They’re gittin’ gas at Charley’s Auto & Truck Service over t’Forest City—I’m providin’ th’ pump and th’ gasoline. Service picked-up after we installed th’ tanks an’ pump last year.”

“I’d consider that, but I don’t want to work for you—meaning no offense.”

“I ain’t offended, Adolph,” Farkleberry grinned, “Jist a fuel franchise. I supply the equipment an’ fuel an’ you pay wholesale for the fuel.”

“That sounds pretty good—let’s talk money.”

A week later the tanks (multi-grades of gas) were in and ready.

We have Star Gas Now ©Jack BoardmanA week later the tanks (multi-grades of gas) were in and ready

“Now all you gotta do is advertise that y’got gas.”

“Already done, Lar,” Adolph replied, “And I have just the sons to serve as pump-jockeys, they’re next to useless as mechanics.”

“Wal—good!” Farkleberry laughed, “By th’ way, how’s yer pop doin’?”

“Still running the farm with Uncle Hans,” Stryker replied, “Those two old coots are ageless.”

Both men looked at the men getting out of a black sedan—with guns!




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6 Responses to “Business was good at first, Lar…”

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    Men!!!!! With GUNS!!!! I smell action in the breeze 🙂 🙂
    LOL “Lacey was impressed with his grasp of the English language” I can just imagine 🙂

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  2. sgtmajcarl says:

    Lacey was truly impressed by Mac’s grasp of the English language.

    HA! 😀

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Sarah Cooper says:

    Impressive English skills, indeed! 😀

    Liked by 2 people

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