I reckon we’ll find out!

Strykerville Banner ©Jack BoardmanSeason 14—Adventure 2—Strykerville—Episode 8—Scene 1… at Liam and Gypsy’s new home… “How could you know? I don’t even suspect that I’m pregnant.”

“One of my talents, I guess. We don’t have a ‘medicine-man’ in our Eagle Point Band of Ojibwe, we have a medicine woman—I am she. Go visit Doc McLean—he’ll confirm my diagnosis.”

“Two things, Kiwi—the first is that we’d be fools not to accept your offer—and the second—WOO-HOO! We’re pregnant!” Liam spoke for them both.

They left smiling.

Kiwi showed Liam and Gypsy the cabin ©Jack BoardmanThey left smiling.

Episode 8—Scene 2… McLean Medical Center… The “Posse” met with Doc McLean.

The “Posse” met with Doc McLean ©Jack BoardmanThe “Posse” met with Doc McLean.

“Abby just finished her analysis,” McLean began, “And our suspects left little useful for us—save for some partial fingerprints. She identified one of probably two assailants, Morris Larson.”

“Chris? Go run the name through our database,” Boomer said, “Doc; about how the Schmidts died?”

“In a hail of bullets,” Doc replied, “From a Colt sub-machine gun, .45 caliber.”

“The bastards!” Big Mac summed-up the thoughts of all present, “Time for the posse to do some serious hunting.”

“What about the car, Doc?”

“A rental car rented from an outfit in Grand Marais,” He replied, “Schmelke Cars for Less.”

“Mac? You and Cooper go to Schmelke’s and find out what you can. Linda? You and Ralph go to Strykerville and see what you can come-up with.”

Chris returned and reported, “Morris ‘Moe’ Larson has been linked to an outfit out of New York run by Sylvester Farenholt. I checked with New York State Police—they said Farenholt and his bunch left the state a year or so ago. They would like us to keep them in the loop as they have a dozen or so outstanding warrants for their arrest.”

“Okay, Chris—you and Jimmy patrol the roads along the southern part of the county. Look for folks who just seem out-of-place.”

“And if we find such people?”

“Find an excuse to stop them, not an aggressive stop—a ‘Hi, how are you?’ stop. I don’t have to tell you to be careful.”

“We should all be even more careful than usual,” Chris advised, “We don’t where or how many people are in and around the county.”

Chris had no idea how right she was.

I reckon we’ll find out!





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4 Responses to I reckon we’ll find out!

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    Boy, this is getting really serious!! At least we got a lead and away we go!! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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