“They’re expendable.”

Sheriffs Banner ©Jack BoardmanSeason 14—Adventure 3—Sheriffs—Episode 1—Scene 1…In the Moosehead County Sheriff’s office… With deputies Ralph Halvorson, Wyatt Earp, & Jay Cooper, along with Joey Jerkowitz, Debra Wennen Miller, and Lacey Dalton-Shouse continuing to patrol the county, Sheriff Boomer called deputies James Hickok, Chris Shouse, Linda Bryant Halvorson, Sarah Cooper and Carl McIntyre to his office.


No one spoke immediately.

In the Moosehead County Sheriff’s office ©Jack BoardmanNo one spoke immediately.

“We must keep searching,” Chris offered, “There are only so many places to hide in the county.”

“What if they’re not in the county?” Cooper added, “Perhaps we should expand our search into Cook County.”

“Good thinking, Sarah,” Chris agreed, “What do you think, Boomer?”

“Make it happen!” Boomer agreed, “Contact the ‘copters.”

“Perhaps I can enlist Sarah again as radar operator again—the Night Lightning has a great ‘look-down’ radar?”

“Do it, Mac! You two head for the Airfield and stand by for now.”

Episode 1—Scene 2… Over Cook County, ten minutes later… He couldn’t help himself. And too, the experienced Coast Guard Pilot, Melissa-Ann Schroeder, had been egging him on to do it.

Joey brought the big Sikorski down to wavetop level and having a grand time—until…

Joey flying low near Grand Marais ©Jack BoardmanJoey brought the big Sikorski down to wavetop level

… He got the call from Chris, “Back to work, Debra, Lacey, we have orders to search the county border area for our fugitives from near Grand Marais all the way around and back to the lake.”

“Tree top level?”

“Even lower, if you want, Deb.”

Debra and Lacey near Grand Marais ©Jack Boardman“Even lower, if you want, Deb.”

Episode 1—Scene 3… At Sylvester Farenholt’s Cabin… “It’s time, I believe, to make our presence felt in Moosehead County in a way they’ve never felt before. I have more teams up in Hovland. I’ve ordered them to go into Moosehead County and hit every sheriff in the county—HARD! When they’ve done some damage, you guys start talking-it-up in the bars and stores pointing out how dangerous things have become—and that only you can protect them.”

“What about the Hovland folks?”

Farenholt met with his gang ©Jack Boardman“What about the Hovland folks?”

“They’re expendable.”




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7 Responses to “They’re expendable.”

  1. sgtmajcarl says:

    “Do it, Mac! You two head for the Airfield and stand by for now.”

    YESSIR! 😀

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  2. Chris Shouse says:

    Course they have no way of knowing that we work like a mean well oiled machine together. Hope some deputy does not get caught off guard 😦

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Sarah Cooper says:


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