“That ain’t possible!”

Season 14—Adventure 4—Gangsters—Episode 3—Scene 1… County Sheriff’s office… Of COURSE Chris and Wyatt chose Wilcox as their first victim of interrogation—why wouldn’t they?

“Would you like some coffee, Mr. Wilcox?” Chris asked—smiling, “We have some fresh brewed—Sheriff Boomer insists on stocking the best beans.”

“Uh; sure, why not?” He replied, “But I still ain’t gonna tell you nuthin’.”

“You do know that Farenholt has cut and run, right?” Wyatt noticed a slight reaction and added, “He’s copped a new identity, and Sheriff Boomer knows where he is.”

“That ain’t possible!”

Moosehead County Sheriff’s office ©Jack Boardman“That ain’t possible!”

“Oh?” Chris handed him a mug of coffee, “Why not?”

“I saw Smith kill him.”

“Really? Wyatt, call the sheriff and ask him to pay us a visit.”

Wyatt made the call and caught the sheriff about to leave for the airfield, “He’ll be here in twenty minutes.”

Fifteen minutes later Sheriff Boomer arrived, “I seen you get killed—how…?”

“Rumors of my death have simply—GOT TO STOP!” the sheriff exclaimed and then turned to Wilcox “And I ‘seen’ you with the guy who tried to kill me.”

“Perhaps you should start singing,” Wyatt said, “You’re still going to prison—but if you talk, it will probably not be for life.”

Fifteen minutes later Sheriff Boomer arrived ©Jack Boardman“Rumors of my death have simply—GOT TO STOP!”

“If I talk and go to prison—that is as good as a death sentence, and you know it.”

“Sheriff? Can we talk outside?”

“Sure, Deputy Shouse,” Boomer replied, “Wyatt—keep Mr. Wilcox entertained.”

Episode 3—Scene 2… The corridor outside the Sheriff’s Office… “How about offering immunity in exchange for his testimony?”

“Do you think he’ll bite?”

Shouse & Boomer met outside in the hall ©Jack Boardman“Do you think he’ll bite?”

“I would—if I were facing hard time in the crossbar hotel—where my life was worth nothing,” Chris replied, “What have we got to lose?”

“Nothing, really,” Boomer replied, “After all, they really didn’t kill me—I wasn’t there. We still need to build a case against Farenholt—McGinty… without reference to the hit on me.”

“He, and his cohorts need to be protected—and hidden from this McGinty fellow and his new gang.”

“True enough,” Boomer replied, “Perhaps in the past?”






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5 Responses to “That ain’t possible!”

  1. Sarah Cooper says:

    The past would be an excellent witness protection program, wouldn’t it?

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Chris Shouse says:

    I see a trip coming. Let’s go!! 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  3. sgtmajcarl says:

    “You do know that Farenholt has cut and run, right?”


    Liked by 2 people

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