The unexpected return of Juco

Season 14—Adventure 4—Gangsters—Episode 9—Scene 1… Inside McGinty’s rented townhome… McGinty, Anders, Sam & Susie Jones and Thomas & Rand Paulos were all present when THE call came in: “We were set-up! Surrounded by cops!”

“We gotta get outa here!” Sam Jones pretty-well summed-up what his compatriots were thinking.

The alias William McGinty hadn’t become as successful as he was by acting rash—he considered what they were up against—a county with, perhaps the cagiest bunch of law enforcement people he’d ever seen.

He was at a loss for a plan.

Inside McGinty’s rented townhome ©Jack BoardmanHe was at a loss for a plan.

After several minutes of thought, he admitted, “Folks—I honestly don’t know how we’re going to get out of this.”

Episode 9—Scene 2… Moosehead CR 65B… After the wannabe assassins were captured (after an impressive display of WWII firepower—which resulted in the immediate and unconditional surrender), the McGinty gang members were transported to the Moosehead County Jail.

Boomer & AJ remained behind on the gravel road, “You know, Dad, this isn’t over.”

Boomer & AJ met on the gravel road ©Jack BoardmanBoomer & AJ remained behind on the gravel road

“I know, son,” Boomer sighed, “But, Todd McCoy is pretty certain where McGinty is holed-up and has the place staked-out.”


“The same condo complex where Alphonso & Sarah live. The condo next door to theirs. And yes, McCoy has quietly evacuated the entire floor.”

“Should we head in that direction?”

“We’d just be in the way—we’ll let McCoy’s people handle the situation.”

Episode 9—Scene 2… Outside the Danger Bay Condos… State Trooper Lt McCoy & Marshals prepared to enter the condos, “These are some desperate folks, by now they must know their hit on the sheriff failed and their known vehicles are still in the garage. Everyone get ready!”

State Trooper Lt McCoy & Marshals prepared to enter ©Jack Boardman“… Everyone get ready!”

Two of the marshals went to the rear exits, the rest entered the lobby, “Stay. put, ma’am.”

The desk clerk had been briefed already, “Good luck—and be careful, Todd.”

Episode 9—Scene 3… Inside McGinty’s rented townhome… McGinty had no more than stated his lack of a plan when a voice came seemingly out of nowhere, “I can help you escape.”

As the apparition of a dog solidified just enough to be seen, he continued, “I have a place where they’ll never find you.”

“Where?” McGinty asked.

Juco and the McGinty Gang survivors ©Jack Boardman“Where?” McGinty asked.

“Not where—when!”

Thus ends this Adventure—But our story? To be CONTINUED…



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8 Responses to The unexpected return of Juco

  1. Sarah Cooper says:

    “When” is the best place to hide!

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  2. Chris Shouse says:

    Wait isn’t the snitch there?

    Liked by 2 people

  3. sgtmajcarl says:

    “Not where—when!”


    Liked by 2 people

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