“You could go back to being dead.”

Northtown Banner ©Jack BoardmanAuthor’s Note: Most of the Boardman Family History below are facts from my family genealogy—Silas, however, was never a town marshal—anywhere.

Season 14—Adventure 5—Northtown—Episode 2—Scene 1… The Town Marshal’s Office—Southtown… “How may I help you, old-timer?” The town marshal, Silas Boardman, asked the stranger.

“Old timer indeed—Great Granddad! I’m the grandson of Odessa DeWitt Boardman,” the rather distinguished looking gentleman replied, “You’re going to need my help.”

“You’re older than I am—you’re a liar!”

“Oh yeah?” the man laughed, “By now Jane Elizabeth has divorced you and run-off with a man 20 years her junior.”

Silas was stunned—what this man said was true, “Okay, you know a few things about me, and some things about my son, Odessa—why should I believe you?”

“Odessa married Dora Ann Congdon.”

Silas Boardman—Town Marshal ©Jack Boardman“Odessa married Dora Ann Congdon.”

“He shoulda known better!”

“Hey, Odessa was no saint—and you know that, Grampa,” the man replied, “But neither were bad people—they did what they felt they had to do to survive. They were my grandparents. You were born 6 June 1834, the son of Timothy—right?”

Silas was astounded, “Yes…”

“Do you remember Odessa’s son, William?”

“Yes, and Laurence, Harry, and Mildred, the first-born.”

“He was my father.”

“But—you appear older than I am.”

“I am—I’m a time-traveler—I come from 2016—where I am 68 years old.”


“The same reason you are here—Cujo.”


“She was my faithful dog in life—now she’s the ‘Keeper of the Great Beyond’ and she bends time. This allows me, and my 21st Century friends to go where we are needed to repair the ‘Time-Space-Continuum’ when necessary, or just to have an adventure,” the man continued, “And sometimes, she’ll pick someone out of time and bring that person to us. You are the most recent addition.”

“Whose request brought me here?”


“Why not your father?”

“I knew my father,” Jack “Boomer” Boardman replied, “I didn’t know you. You are the town marshal here in Southtown, and you’re going to make me your deputy.”

“Do I have a choice?”

“You could go back to being dead.”

“Welcome aboard, Deputy Boardman.”

Episode 2—Scene 2… at Maude’s Rooming House… “I just came back from the saloon,” McGinty grinned, “And there’s another town, about 20 miles south, where there are no gun restrictions.”

“Well—I see a stagecoach ride in our immediate future.”

McGinty & Anders room at Maude’s ©Jack Boardman“Well—I see a stagecoach ride in our immediate future.”

“Pack-up, folks!”

They were on the stagecoach to Southtown an hour later.



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10 Responses to “You could go back to being dead.”

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    This is going to be a great adventure I just see it coming. 🙂 Love the Geneology how fun!

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  2. sgtmajcarl says:

    “You could go back to being dead.”


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  3. Joseph Jerkovich says:

    I need a new Time-space continuum. 😛

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  4. Sarah Cooper says:

    And June 6th is a great day to have a birthday.

    Liked by 1 person

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