“My name is James Butler Hickok…”

Northtown Banner ©Jack BoardmanSeason 14—Adventure 5—Northtown—Episode 5—Scene 1… On the road… They were seven—not the MAGNIFICENT SEVENGENTLE READER—they were a good deal less than “magnificent.”

They were drifters, malcontent, and bullies, all.

They were hired by McGinty, who, of course, was inexperienced in 19th Century human assessment. Their low-slung holsters mislead him into thinking they were experienced gunslingers—he would learn. Just not yet.

When the seven saw three riders approaching—they made a huge miscalculation, “Hey fellers! Ya reckon them pilgrims got any money?”

“They’s dressed purdy fancy—an’ one’s a woman, let’s take-em!”

All seven spurred their horses to gallop.

Confrontation on Coach Road ©Jack BoardmanAll seven spurred their horses to gallop.

All three of our heroes, James Butler Hickok, Ace Jacks and Calamity Jane, were experienced enough to react with amazing speed and dispatched the seven in mere seconds. Three dead, four wounded on the ground.

“Well, it’s begun,” Jacks observed.

“I expect they’ll try again,” Hickok said, “Let’s continue on to Southtown and visit their bosses.”

They assisted the wounded recover their horses after disarming them, “Okay, fellas—head to Northtown where our doc will patch you up—then leave the territory. If you don’t—you’ll end-up dead.”

(As you know, GENTLE READER, the “dead” left the set as soon as the scene changed for reassignment as “extras.”)

Episode 5—Scene 2… The Saloon in Southtown… When Jimmy Hickok and his friends arrived—William McGinty was almost alone—with only Abigail Anders and the nameless extra playing the role of the barkeep, “William McGinty, alias Sylvester Farenholt, I presume? My name is James Butler Hickok, known by some as ‘Wild Bill’ Hickok—you may have heard of me?”

My name is James Butler Hickok ©Jack Boardman“My name is James Butler Hickok…”

“You’re going to die at the OK Corral—you don’t scare me.”

“Ummmm—you’re thinking of my friend Wyatt Earp, and he wasn’t killed there,” Hickok laughed, “My ancestor James Butler Hickok died in Deadwood, South Dakota.”

“Whatever,” he replied, “You’ll soon die here.”

In less than an eye-blink Hickok drew one of his Remington .44s and shot the top hat off McGinty’s head, “The next time I draw my gun—my aim will be an inch lower.”

To his credit, McGinty recovered quickly, “I have two-hundred hired guns coming, you have been warned to get out of the territory now.”






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4 Responses to “My name is James Butler Hickok…”

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    McGinty certainly is a cocky one. All the more fun to take him and his bullies down. Love the part when the not so magnificent seven said “an ones a women let’s get em” Never underestimate our women heroes it is a deadly mistake.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Sarah Cooper says:

    I do love how the “extras” get to retain employment in some fashion. 😉

    Liked by 2 people

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