They were becoming uneasy

PIONEER DANGER BAY Banner ©Jack BoardmanPREVIOUSLY: “Kuckunniwi (Little Wolf)?” Ani smiled, “It is time to pass the lance of war chief to you—it is your time.”

“But mother—what of the Elders?”

“They decided I was too old to continue as war chief—at my insistence—and voted in favor of you to replace me. Do you accept?”

“I am honored.”

Season 14—Adventure 6—PIONEER DANGER BAY—Episode 4—Scene 1… Blufftop Danger Bay…

They took the long way, riding towards Moosehead City until they reached the trail leading along the Danger Bay bluff top—which would bring them in along the railroad tracks and past the depot.

They expected the gunmen would be in town, and/or at the saloon.

They arrived in Blufftop. They rode on the far side of the tracks—making them nearly invisible, “Flutters, fly high over the town and report back.”

“Let me check with Master, first.”

“Have you heard of squab?”

Mac and Co arrived in Blufftop Danger Bay ©Jack Boardman“Have you heard of squab?”

“I’m too old to be squab,” he squawked as he took flight, “But, point taken.”

Flutters, if nothing else, was very-good at scouting. And he had very keen vision.

He got a count of men on the street—there were twenty-one on foot and five on horseback.

He peered through the windows of the buildings—and discovered that, save for the town marshal’s office and the saloon, the buildings were vacant—all the shopkeepers had left.

There were another twelve inside the saloon.

There were another twelve inside the saloon ©Jack BoardmanThere were another twelve inside the saloon.

Flutters returned to Boomer and company and reported what he’d found.

“I see we have our work cut-out for us,” James Silverthorn sighed.

Episode 4—Scene 2… On the Northtown Road… Sarah Cooper, Chris Shouse, Wyatt Earp, Lacey Dalton-Shouse, James Butler Hickok, Calamity Jane Canary, Joey Jerkowitz, Linda Bryant Halvorson and Debra Wennen Miller (along with their dog-people—covering both flanks running through the forest), had thus far, an uneventful journey.

They noticed the terrain had become more Moosehead County and less Northtown like.

They were also becoming uneasy, as they weren’t completely certain of what they were expected to accomplish.

On the Northtown Road to Moosehead City ©Jack BoardmanThey were also becoming uneasy

After hours of uneventful travel—they heard rustling in the brush behind them.




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5 Responses to They were becoming uneasy

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    Rustles in the bushes? Yikes…maybe it is something good? Should my finger be itching? Is it our Wolvin King and his Merry Band? Oh I am so wanting to know 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. sgtmajcarl says:

    “I see we have our work cut-out for us,” James Silverthorn sighed.

    ALWAYS! 🙂


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