“I am Chaska-Kohana…”

PIONEER DANGER BAY Banner ©Jack BoardmanPREVIOUSLY: Sarah Cooper, Chris Shouse, Wyatt Earp, Lacey Dalton-Shouse, James Butler Hickok, Calamity Jane Canary, Joey Jerkowitz, Linda Bryant Halvorson and Debra Wennen Miller (along with their dog-people—covering both flanks running through the forest), had thus far, an uneventful journey.

They noticed the terrain had become more Moosehead County and less Northtown like.

They were also becoming uneasy, as they weren’t completely certain of what they were expected to accomplish.

After hours of uneventful travel—they heard rustling in the brush behind them.

Season 14—Adventure 6—PIONEER DANGER BAY—Episode 5—Scene 1… On the Northtown Road… The rustling was caused by a large half dog and half wolf who appeared on the trail in front our heroes, “I am Chaska-Kohana (Eldest Son-Swift), my charge from Cujo & my alpha-human, is to guide and protect you.”

“Guide us where?” Kai Braveheart asked, tail wagging ever so slightly.

“I am Chaska-Kohana…” ©Jack Boardman“Guide us where?” Kai Braveheart asked.

“To where you are most needed,” Chaska replied, “I am also both ghost and not, as are you, Kai Braveheart, Pepper, Cleo, and Mattie. With your help, we will guide the living safely to Moosehead City—where your destiny lies.”

“This is heavy stuff,” Sarah Cooper said, “We just recently learned of our dog-people’s ability to become ghosts. “What will we find in Moosehead City?”

“We can handle what and who awaits us there,” Chris asserted, “We are, after all the rootin’-tootinist bunch of law-enforcement badasses ever assembled—right?”

“A little cheerleading never hurt,” Linda grinned, “much!”

“Is it too late to go back home?”


“Just kidding, Linda.”

Just as they set out, Chaska barked, “Oh, and by the way, Kai, Cujo is MY girlfriend.”

“How did you know what I was thinking, Chaska?”

“You wagged your tail when I mentioned her name.”

Episode 5—Scene 2… Blufftop Rooming House, McGinty’s room… “We called you here to tell you that we just had a meeting with Juco.”

“And?” Samuel Jones asked.

“We are in danger here,” Abigail Anders replied, “There is a force of lawmen and native warriors about to strike here.”

“And,” McGinty added, “even though our gunslingers are likely to defeat them, we simply can’t afford to be caught.”

“There’s a train due to arrive within the hour—we have board that train and get out-of-town.”

“To where?”

A meeting with McGinty ©Jack Boardman“To where?”

“Forest City,” Anders replied, “We’ve not bothered with that town—and we won’t. At least not until if, and when, we succeed in Moosehead City and Danger Bay.”



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10 Responses to “I am Chaska-Kohana…”

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    We are bad-asses and rootin-tootin that is for sure warming my finger up 🙂

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  2. Jack Boardman says:

    The PLOT—she THICKENS—No? 😉

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  3. Sarah Cooper says:

    The tail wag always gives it away.

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  4. Mary P says:


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  5. kenneth says:



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