“I can ensure your victory.”

PIONEER DANGER BAY Banner ©Jack BoardmanPreviously: Ya THINK?” Boomer quipped.

“We must play to our advantage—we have long guns, they do not.”

“So says James,” Boomer replied, laughing, “Who carries a single shot Kentucky Long-Rifle!”

“I don’t see townspeople,” Mac observed.

Daisy, who had been scouting the town—trotted up, “I need a gun—I have a score to settle in town!”

“What are you talking about—a score?” Boomer asked.

“One of them shot at me!” She snarled.

Boomer un-holstered one of his Remington .44s, “Here—go settle the score.”

“CRAP!” she snorted, “No opposable digits!”

“Where are the townspeople?”

“They’ve all left,” She replied, “I heard they were heading for Silverthorn’s store for shelter.”

Season 14—Adventure 6—PIONEER DANGER BAY—Episode 10—Scene 1… Danger Bay Blufftown… “That’s great news,” Mac rumbled, “Now, let’s take our positions along the hill. Spread-out and hunker-down—we need to present the smallest targets possible.”

Mac and James had a plan ©Jack BoardmanSpread-out and hunker-down

“Don’t bother with handguns,” Silverthorn added, “Just rifles. Pick your target and slowly squeeze the trigger—there is no sense in pulling your rifle off target.”

“I’ll give the ‘fire’ command,” Mac grinned, wickedly, “And we’ll start with a single volley—after that fire at will.”

Episode 10—Scene 2… Moosehead City… “Remain below the crest of the hill until I give the command to engage,” Chris said, “They will know we’re here after I stand-up and challenge them. They’re a proud bunch, I suspect, and will come at us.”

The battle of Moosehead City ©Jack Boardman“…They’re a proud bunch…”

“Why you?” Wyatt asked, “I can do that!”

“Of COURSE you can, my dear” Chris grinned, “But I was elected ‘boss’ of this battle—at your recommendation.”

They checked their weapons—ensuring each was fully loaded, and spread-out along the hill.

“There’s something going-on,” James MacLeish was looking towards the graveyard, “I’m sure I saw people there—just a quick glimpse of movement.”

“Mebbe we should check it out,” Clem Todd replied.

“I agree, c’mon fellas, let’s see whose there—draw your guns.”

All eighteen drew their weapons and started advancing toward the cemetery.

Episode 10—Scene 3… Forest City Rooming House Office… Amos & Lea Bannon (AKA William McGinty and Abigail Anders) were somewhat anxious about the happenings in both Moosehead City and Blufftown, “I wish we knew how things are going—that’s the problem with hiding-out in the 19th Century.”

“It is troublesome, M’Dear,” Amos replied, “But not as troublesome as radar-equipped aircraft dogging us as in the 21st Century.”

“Perhaps I can help you,” a familiar voice said—out of nowhere.

Slowly, the image of Juco appeared, “I can ensure your victory.”

Juco confronts McGinty and Anders ©Jack Boardman“I can ensure your victory.”



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6 Responses to “I can ensure your victory.”

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    Crap why does Juco not stay the hell out of it lol…what is the backstory there? Why the interference? Who is the grudge against?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Sarah Cooper says:

    Danger, danger, everywhere!

    Liked by 1 person

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