“I just brewed some fresh coffee.”

COLLISTA Banner ©Jack BoardmanPreviously—from Adventure 6: “There’s a good deal of money riding on our ability to take over the entire county,” Lea added, “IF we can find someone trustworthy to work as our foreman. I will require absolute loyalty—disloyalty is a death sentence.”

“My four friends and I are completely trustworthy,” Carstairs replied, and then added, “And if you try to cheat us, TRUST me—you will die. Do I make myself clear?”


All but Daisy, Mac and Boomer had arrived from the Nineteenth Century—and no one had noticed—except Calista McIntyre, “Where are Mac, Boomer and Daisy?”

“They have work to do there,” Cujo replied.

“NOT without me, Cujo!” she exclaimed, “Yes Ma’am!” Cujo grinned.

Season 14—Adventure 7—COLLISTA—Episode 1—Scene 1… Silverthorn’s Store… “Welcome to Silverthorn’s, I am Dawn (Abedabun) Silverthorn, how may I help you?”

“Hello, I’m Collista MacIntyre, I’m looking for Mac and Boomer.”

“Ah, we’ve been expecting you, Collista.”

“Please, call me ‘Collie,’ Collista seems so formal—where may I find them?”

“Here, very soon,” Dawn replied, “I just brewed some fresh coffee.”

“I’m looking for Mac and Boomer” ©Jack Boardman“I just brewed some fresh coffee.”

THAT—ought to bring them both!” Collie laughed.

“It is Boomer’s recipe for ‘Organic & Shade-Grown, Fair Trade. Dark Roast (or Medium Roast—for those so-inclined) Coffee’ he gave to us very-many years ago.”

“Still served at all Silverthorn’s Café locations in the 21st Century,” Collie grinned.

Episode 1—Scene 2… Silverthorn’s Store…  Boomer, Mac, Daisy, James and Samuel joined the morning coffee-crew, “COLLIE! But—how?”

The morning Silverthorn’s crew arrived ©Jack Boardman“COLLIE! But—how?”

“I said to Cujo,” Collie replied to the delighted Mac, “Let me get this right; ‘NOT without me, Cujo!’, yup—that’s it.”

“The ‘Posse’ will be delighted to see you, Collie,” Boomer grinned, “We can always use a new member.”

“They’re back in the 21st Century as all had things to attend to there.”

“But Cujo bends time so our absence is never noticed.”

“She does, but since you three were late in arriving in the 19th Century while the other time-travelers were here, she’s giving you more time—the others may, or may not return while you’re here.”

Episode 1—Scene 3… Forest City Rooming House Office… “Welcome Gentlemen—We’ve been told by Mr. Carstairs that you are the best of the best gunfighters. You stand to make a whole lot of money.”

“That sounds good, what must we do?”

“Kill the entire Silverthorn family.”

Meanwhile at the Rooming House Office ©Jack Boardman“Kill the entire Silverthorn family.”






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4 Responses to “I just brewed some fresh coffee.”

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    Oh dear, why would anyone want the Silverthorn’s all killed? The plot thickens 😦 Not in a good way!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. sgtmajcarl says:

    “I said to Cujo,” Collie replied to the delighted Mac, “Let me get this right; ‘NOT without me, Cujo!’, yup—that’s it.”

    YUP! 😀


  3. Sarah Cooper says:

    Well, that just seems like overkill …


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