“You fellas ought to consider surrendering”

COLLISTA Banner ©Jack BoardmanPreviously: Collista & Company arrived in Moosehead City, “Send a couple of your men to the Depot, Bill. We don’t want anyone leaving—or arriving.”

“For how long, Collista?”

“As long as we’re here,” she replied, “We also send as many men as needed to take-over the marshal’s office, maybe you should supervise.”

“Kill him?”


Season 14—Adventure 7—COLLISTA—Episode 9—Scene 1… Moosehead City Marshal’s office… Carstairs waited outside as two of his best men, Ade McLintock and Oliver Johnson, stormed inside, “Howdy fellers. I was told you’d be a’coming,” the deputy marshal grinned, “I work for Collista, too.”

Johnson foolishly reached for his sidearm.

“I work for Collista” ©Jack BoardmanJohnson foolishly reached for his sidearm.

Timothy Wilson was a good bit quicker, drawing his gun and neatly placing a hole in poor Johnson’s new hat.

Hearing the gunshot, Bill Carstairs walked into the marshal’s office, “Howdy, Mr. Carstairs, you are in a heap of hurt.”

Carstairs reached for his gun.

“Y’all ought not to do that,” Deputy Will Cummings smiled, “You’d best just surrender to me.”

Cummings no sooner spoke when Carstairs faded from view.

Juco? GENTLE READER? What do YOU think?

Scene 2… Outside the Undertaker’s Office… Collista, Mac, Boomer & Daisy walked quietly up behind the remaining Carstairs men, “You fellas ought to consider surrendering,” Mac rumbled, “It beats the hell out of dying.”

Mac’s trademark rumble was enough to prevent any of the three hapless men of doing anything stupid.

They meekly surrendered.

“You fellas ought to consider surrendering” ©Jack BoardmanThey meekly surrendered

“You fellas come with us,” Collie smiled, “We have lovely accommodations awaiting you inside the jail.”

Once they were safely jailed, Collie Mac and Boomer went outside, “What do you think happened to Carstairs?”

“The same as the last time he disappeared,” Boomer replied, “After our very-first adventure in the 19th Century.”

“We need to find the Bannons,” Collie said, “Before they get away—again.”

“I suspect they’re gone as well.” Mac concluded.

Scene 3… Blufftown… After a long ride, the Posse and the Kuckunniwi Riders arrived, and after some consideration, “I think we should split into two groups, and ride in fast from both ends of town. They do seem to be gathered outside the saloon.”

“I like that, Sarah,” Chris replied, “They’d likely be too surprised to react.”

“What?” Joey asked, “No gunfight?”

“JOEY!” Linda replied as they split-up into two roughly equal groups with each taking a position blocking the road.

Jimmy Hickok fired a single shot—and from both ends the Posse & Riders galloped into town.

“You fellas ought to consider surrendering,” Debra grinned, “It would prolong your lives—a little bit.”

“You fellas ought to surrender now” ©Jack Boardman“You fellas ought to consider surrendering”



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7 Responses to “You fellas ought to consider surrendering”

  1. Joseph Jerkovich says:

    Hahahaha, I love a good shootout!!!

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  2. Sarah Cooper says:

    Just a little, though!

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  3. Chris Shouse says:

    We need to do something abut Juco that sneaky hound 🙂 This was a little too peaceful in my opinion 🙂

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