“Speak of the devil, here he comes!”

COLLISTA Banner ©Jack BoardmanPreviously: After a long ride, the Posse and the Kuckunniwi Riders arrived, and after some consideration, “I think we should split into two groups, and ride in fast from both ends of town. They do seem to be gathered outside the saloon.”

“I like that, Sarah,” Chris replied, “They’d likely be too surprised to react.” “What?” Joey asked, “No gunfight?”

“JOEY!” Linda replied as they split-up into two roughly equal groups with each taking a position blocking the road.

Jimmy Hickok fired a single shot—and from both ends the Posse & Riders galloped into town.

“You fellas ought to consider surrendering,” Debra grinned, “It would prolong your lives—a little bit.”

Season 14—Adventure 7—COLLISTA—Episode 10—Scene 1… On the trail somewhere… The Bannons found themselves riding on a trail somewhere in the deep forest, “How did we get here?”

“That damn magic dog,” Lea replied, “There is no other explanation.”

They rode in silence for some time when the saw a rider with a large dog approaching.

As he rode up he said, “Greetings, pilgrims, I’m William Carstairs, at your service.”

“No, you’re not,” Lea Bannon replied, “You’re too tall—and have no beard.”

“This Carstairs you speak of, is he rather short?”


Carstairs sighed, “That’s my brother, Andy.”

“Speak of the devil, here he comes!”

The brothers Carstairs ©Jack Boardman“Speak of the devil, here he comes!”

“Impersonating me—AGAIN?”

“Sure,” Andy Carstairs replied, “It keeps me in business.”

“From now on—IF you value your miserable life, little brother, you’ll not again impersonate me.”

“You’d kill me?”

“It’s just business—I have my reputation to consider.”

The younger Carstairs was just a little stunned.

Seeing the priceless expression on his little brother’s face, William resisted for as long as he could—but soon burst into almost uncontrollable laughter, “Okay, little brother, I just might let you live—for now!”

Just as William finished speaking—he found himself and the others in the Twenty-First Century.

In fact, all Twenty-First Century people found themselves back home.

Scene 2… Inside the Cabin-on-the-Rock… The Posse returned and found several of their fellow members in the cabin’s great room, “Well—tell us how you spent these last few minutes in the past.”

“Well, Ralph,” Mac replied, “We had us a time.”

Boomer didn’t seem to be pleased to be back—or so it appeared to Collie, “What’s up?”

“Just thinking, Collie. The county election is coming, and I have to make a decision. Maybe I have.”


“I won’t run again for sheriff.”

“I won’t run again for sheriff” ©Jack Boardman“I won’t run again for sheriff”

Thus ends this Adventure—but our story? To be—CONTINUED…


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6 Responses to “Speak of the devil, here he comes!”

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    Now that would not be cool if he did not run for Sheriff 😦

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  2. sgtmajcarl says:

    “I won’t run again for sheriff.”


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