“No trade-in value?”

Sheriff Banner ©Jack BoardmanPREVIOUSLY: “I can’t stand this old truck anymore!”

“Really Deb? Farkleberry stands behind all his vehicles.”

“Ummmm—I didn’t buy it from Farkleberry,” Debra replied, “Wait—look what he sold you.”

“Open the door and check it out.”

She did—and was amazed. The kick-ass sound system, climate-control, GPS navigation, leather appointments—and the most comfortable seat she’d ever sat in, “Oh, MY!”


“I’m off to Farkleberry’s!”

Season 14—Adventure 8—Sheriff—Episode 7—Scene 1… at Farkleberry’s Service Garage… Debra met Medlar outside of Farkleberry’s, “I’m interested in replacing my truck—can you help?”

“Wal—it looks like you are past due fer a change—where’d you get that truck?”

“A used car place just this side of Grand Marais—I got a pretty-good deal—or so I thought.”

“Welp, I reckon I know that place—Fensterwald’s?”

Debra met Medlar outside of Farkleberry’s ©Jack Boardman“Welp, I reckon I know that place—Fensterwald’s?”

“Yup,” Deb replied, “And I think I got taken—big time.”

“They oughta be put out of business, an’ they would be if they were in Moosehead County,” Farkleberry said—dropping his hayseed affectation, “I’ll take that off your hands—for scrap.”

“No trade-in value?”

“I won’t charge you for scrapping?” Farkleberry laughed, “I anticipated you stopping-by, and I have just the truck for you—all customized.”

“How would you know how I would want it customized?”

“I’m good like that. Let’s go inside and you can decide if I’m right.”

Episode 7—Scene 2… inside Farkleberry’s Service Garage… I normally don’t customize such a new vehicle—but my spy said that’s what you’d prefer.”

“What spy?”

Debra takes delivery of her NEW truck ©Jack Boardman“What spy?”

“His name begins with the letter ‘J,’ and ends with the letter ‘H,’ if that gives you a clue.”

JOEY!” She exclaimed, and then noticed the name, ‘Ms Sapphire’ on the door, “Who?”

“A REAL WORLD #FacebookFriend.”

“Boomer!” She laughed, “I should have guessed.”

“Check-out the box—it has a pull-out ramp for your bike, along with straps to hold it in place.”


“Now—go look at the rear seat—custom fitted with special dog-friendly restraints for your precious cargo.”

“Okay—I love the truck—how much?”

Farkleberry told her the price.

“Is that all?”

“I can double the price—if you wish.”




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4 Responses to “No trade-in value?”

  1. Joseph Jerkovich says:

    Woah! One sweet ride!! Its tthe color of my cycle too.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Chris Shouse says:

    Love it just my favorite color of Sapphire too. Being a Virgo that is my Birthstone. In fact, I have a rare Sapphire ring that color.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Sarah Cooper says:

    Wow! That is gorgeous!

    Liked by 1 person

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