It might be awhile before we see them again

Sheriff Banner ©Jack BoardmanPREVIOUSLY: “Not in real life—I’m a teacher,” Debra replied, “I’m beginning to think this is a mistake…”

“Don’t jump to any conclusions—just yet,” White Deer laughed, “We have no one even remotely knowledgeable in that discipline.”

“My knowledge has been gained in part by education; and in a larger part—experience.”

“More than we have here—aside from Samuel Silverthorn who teaches both grade & high school—he has a Masters in primary education,” She replied, “I suggest you two get together soon, as he is a whiz with kids. Don’t sell your experience short.”

“That would be helpful. But still…”

“Oh—you MUST accept the position. You will have a lot of support among our teachers.”

“It sounds like you won’t take ‘no’ for an answer.”

“You are correct.”

Season 14—Adventure 9—Sheriff—Episode 9—Scene 1… Debra’s NEW office… There wasn’t so much as a knock of warning—as Joey burst into freshly minted “professor” Debra Wennen Miller, “How-do, Professor?”

JOEY!” She exclaimed, “You damn-near caused me to go into cardiac-arrest!”


“Easy for you to say.”

Joey surprised Debra in her new office ©Jack Boardman“Easy for you to say.”

“Yes, it was. How do you like the offer?”

“I love it so far,” Debra replied, “I contacted Samuel Silverthorn and he is coming here—he seemed supportive.”

Sam Silverthorn arrived about ten minutes later—and among other things—stopped any further teasing by Joey—he just can’t help himself.

“I’m just thrilled you are here, Debra, our new teachers are not well equipped to handle special needs children,” Silverthorn greeted as he shook Debra’s hand, “I met Sara on the way here and she mentioned your concern about your qualifications.”

Sam Silverthorn arrived in Debra new office ©Jack Boardman “I’m just thrilled you are here, Debra…”

“I am,” she replied, “Back home I’d have to have a PhD to hold such a position.”

“You get no credit for life and vocational experience?”

“Precious little.”

“The collage is on break for two weeks—come observe, and help me with my students—I guaranty you will come to see you have what you need to be successful here.”

Episode 9—Scene 2… Aboard the MV Pegasus II… As their occupations (Boomer retired and AJ running Farkleberry’s Service & Auto Sales had been established), Boomer, Daisy & AJ set-out onto Lake Superior.

To the tune of “Gilligan’s Island.”

It might be awhile before we see them again.

It might be awhile before we see them again ©Jack BoardmanIt might be awhile before we see them again

“That’s a pretty strong headwind,” AJ observed, “Should we be concerned?”

“In a word—yes,” Boomer replied, “We’ll not venture too far out on the lake and if it gets bad, duck into a cove out of the wind—there are plenty to choose from.”

The wind remained brisk—but steady, and our two sailors settled into what they expected to be a refreshing trip.

Episode 9—Scene 3… SHERIFF Conclusion… As you might remember, this adventure is entitled “SHERIFF,” and other than Boomer announcing he would not run for a second term—and the decision by the town fathers that law-enforcement positions can’t be held by REAL WORLD time-travelers—there has been no mention of sheriff(s).

Let’s close by saying the election was held and James Silverthorn IV, son of Hiram Silverthorn, Jr. and Susan Birdsong Silverthorn was, at age 24, elected Moosehead County Sheriff.

Thus, this Adventure ends—but our STORY? To be—CONTINUED…



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7 Responses to It might be awhile before we see them again

  1. sgtmajcarl says:

    “Should we be concerned?”

    YES! 😛

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  2. Chris Shouse says:

    Well looks like everyone is settling in nice. That is a good thing for all concerned. 🙂

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  3. Jack Boardman says:

    To the tune of “Gilligan’s Island.”A large CLUE! 😀

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