“What? How?”

LOST Banner ©Jack BoardmanPREVIOUSLY: “That’s a pretty strong headwind,” AJ observed, “Should we be concerned?”

“In a word—yes,” Boomer replied, “We’ll not venture too far out on the lake and if it gets bad, duck into a cove out of the wind—there are plenty to choose from.”

The wind remained brisk—but steady, and our two sailors settled into what they expected to be a refreshing trip.

Episode 9—Scene 3… SHERIFF Conclusion… As you might remember, this adventure is entitled “SHERIFF,” and other than Boomer announcing he would not run for a second term—and the decision by the town fathers that law-enforcement positions can’t be held by REAL WORLD time-travelers—there has been no mention of sheriff(s).

Let’s close by saying the election was held and James Silverthorn IV, son of Hiram Silverthorn, Jr. and Susan Birdsong Silverthorn was, at age 24, elected Moosehead County Sheriff.

Season 15—Adventure 1—LOST—Episode 1… Scene 1… An ANGRY Lake Superior… It will come as no BIG surprise to you—GENTLE READER—that “Captain” Boomer soon lost sight of land—just as the big lake began to get angry. For those of you unfamiliar with Lake Superior—there are only a few places where land cannot be seen (depending upon which direction one looks).  

Captain Boomer lost sight of land ©Jack Boardman https://c1.staticflickr.com/3/2915/33585906645_f84bdc9717_o.jpgBoomer soon lost sight of land—just as the big lake began to get angry.

He and AJ took turns at the controls, as even with ‘computer-assist’ maintaining course and speed was difficult. They were striving to remain on course towards known coves and bays where they could find calmer waters.

Hour after hour they took turns driving the boat. The Pegasus II was quite lakeworthy and never in any great danger, but the physical work required to stay on course wore on both men—more for the elder Boardman than the younger.

Episode 1… Scene 2… In the main cabin of the MV Pegasus II… “Don’t you think we should tell Boomer that we’re stowaways?”

“He’ll discover that soon enough, Kiwi,” Mac replied, “However, perhaps he and AJ may want some help in the wheelhouse.”


“And I think I’ll wait a bit—we don’t want either’s pride insulted.”

“Heavens no!” Collie laughed, “Let them collapse!”

Boomer surprised both as he came through the door—but was equally surprised at finding them aboard, “What? How?”

There were unexpected guests aboard ©Jack Boardman“What? How?”

“We’ll show you later,” Kiwi replied, “Let’s just say that Cujo helped.”

“Why does this not surprise me? Don’t tell me—a hidden cabin where the under-hull water should be?”

“Maybeee,” Mac replied, “As for now—would you like some help in the wheelhouse?”

“Go! AJ will get you acquainted with the controls.”





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8 Responses to “What? How?”

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    LOL unexpected but welcome stowaways 🙂

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  2. Sarah Cooper says:

    But OH, that water and sky are delightful! And it’s always good to see friends! 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  3. sgtmajcarl says:

    i can’t WAIT to see our under-hull cabin! 😀

    Liked by 2 people

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