The—SEARCH (Part Three)

LOST Banner ©Jack BoardmanPreviously: It was a tight fit, but Mac’s mad piloting skilz made it look easy. They dropped anchor and prepared for a good night’s sleep—after the meal Boomer had prepared.

And on-tap—Boomer’s All Season Black Ale!

Limited to one mug each—so they might sleep with few—a-hem—interruptions.

They lingered over the meal—I won’t tell you the menu ‘cause that might just make you hungry—GENTLE READER—and that would simply be cruel.

An hour later they went to bed—there were no interruptions.

No one happened to look out the starboard porthole.

Too bad!

Season 15—Adventure 1—LOST—Episode 6—Scene 1… The Obscure Cove With Juco’s help the crew of the Pegasus II found the small cove—the opening so small they likely would not have seen it.

AND with Juco’s help the Bannons and their henchmen spirited all the humans off the Pegasus II (yes—GENTLE READER—they all fit into the two cars).

The humans were spirited off the Pegasus II ©Jack BoardmanThe humans were spirited off the Pegasus II

The crew of the Pegasus II would not awaken until morning—where they would find themselves, well rested—but in separate jail cells–somewhere.

They missed capturing Daisy-Legs Beagle, however, as she was sleeping in the pilothouse.

That was Juco’s miscalculation, and it might just undo what he did—the key word here is “might.”

Episode 6—Scene 2… in the Pilothouse of the Pegasus II…DAISY! WAKE-UP!”

With a start, Daisy awakened, “Tiger Lily! Why are you here?”

“All your human friends are gone!”

Tiger Lily awakened Daisy ©Jack Boardman“All your human friends are gone!”

“Gone? Where!”

“I don’t know—I’m too busy being here,” the semi-transparent Tiger replied, “And here I must remain to ensure those searching for you—find you.”

“Are they coming?”

“I’m doing my best—there is one searcher fairly close, and if they get a little closer I can reveal the entry to the cove.”

Episode 6—Scene 3… Aboard the Skeedadle… “Linda! Bring the boat around—I think I see the opening to a small cove.”

“Right away, Sarah!” Linda replied as she spun the wheel and brought the boat around.

“I see it—the Pegasus II!”

Linda Ralph and Sarah found the Pegasus II ©Jack Boardman“I see it—the Pegasus II!”




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4 Responses to The—SEARCH (Part Three)

  1. Sarah Cooper says:

    Sometimes I too feel “I’m too busy being here.”

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Chris Shouse says:

    I must say this twist in the story is quite unexpected!!! Thank goodness our animals can speak and be heard and understood by select humans!! 🐶🐱🐺🐎

    Liked by 1 person

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