“Little Spot, what can you do?”

LOST Banner ©Jack BoardmanPreviously: William and Andy Carstairs were guarding the jail—fortunately for our incarcerated heroes, “You were caught trespassing on township property.”

“Not true,” Mac rumbled, “The shoreline belongs to Moosehead County.”

“You ain’t in Moosehead County,” Andy Carstairs replied, “This here is Cook County.”

“I reckon we’ll be charging you all with criminal trespass,” William added, “A conviction will cost you one-hundred and one days as our guests.”

“You WILL be convicted—that much is certain,” Andy laughed.

“Come here little man,” Mac rumbled.

The smug look on Andy’s face—evaporated into fear.

Mac laughed.

Season 15—Adventure 1—LOST—Episode 8—Scene 1… Inside the Burris Township Jail… At the sound of Mac’s rumble—Andy backed-up several feet putting his hand on his Colt .45 Auto—and Mac’s rumble morphed into an evil laugh, “Boy? You’re going to be in a heap of hurt if you shoot me.” Mac said as his laughter subsided.

You’re going to be in a heap of hurt ©Jack Boardman“… You’re going to be in a heap of hurt…”

“Shut up, just SHUT UP!”

At that point—all four prisoners began laughing.

“You prisoners have had your fun,” Bill Carstairs warned, “But the fun will soon end—as your trial begins.”

“Oh no,” Collie replied, “THAT’S when the fun begins.”

There was absolutely no hint of bravado in her voice—only menace.

“If I wasn’t being paid a very tidy sum—I’d kill you all right now,” Bill threatened.

“You’re such a tough guy, Billy-boy,” AJ replied, “How about you and I go outside and settle this man to man. No weapons, just the two of us. What do you say?”

Carstairs sneered, “Andy, if you have the guts, remain here and keep our friends company—or guard them from outside the building. There is no easy way for them to escape.

Episode 8—Scene 2… The wheelhouse of the Pegasus II… “We’re underway, Daisy, do you approve of my piloting?” Sarah asked.

AR-ROOO!” Daisy replied, “We’re still afloat—that’s a great start!”

“You have Boomer’s sense of humor.”

“We NEED to find Alpha-Jack, Beta-Andrew, Mac, and Collie!”

A voice seemed come out of nowhere, “Maybe I can help—Cujo sent me.”

The wheelhouse of the Pegasus II ©Jack Boardman“Maybe I can help—Cujo sent me”

“Little Spot, what can you do?” Daisy barked.

“Let me explain.”



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One Response to “Little Spot, what can you do?”

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    The boys just don’t know who they are dealing with!


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