“Joey—please don’t”

LOST Banner ©Jack BoardmanPREVIOUSLY: “GO! There’s no time to waste!”

Two minutes later (don’t try this at home—GENTLE READER!) they were changed and in the Marshal’s chopper with eight other posse members.

The mission commander, Wyatt Earp, spoke first, “We don’t know how many are in and around the Burris Township jail. The pilots will fly low and fast—there are barf-bags available, should you need one.”

They were soon out over open water on Lake Superior—flying low enough to leave a wake.

Will they get there in time?

Tune-in next time—for answers to this—and other questions—or NOT!

Season 15—Adventure 1—LOST—Episode 10—Scene 1… Burris Township Jail… The leader of the Burris Militia, Jason Mack, swaggered over to where Andy Carstairs stood outside the jail, “You ain’t the constable—watchoo you doin’ here and where’s the constable?”

“Constable Wilson went to Shifsky’s Bar & Billiards and left me in charge,” Andy replied, “You fellas looking for work?”

Outside the Burris Township Jail ©Jack Boardman“You fellas looking for work?”

“Yeah, he spends a lot of time there,” Mack replied, “And yeah, we ain’t had a job since Johnson’s Widgets automated two months ago, and we got laid off.

“That bites. You fellows can’t find work?”

“Ain’t nobody hiring, at least nobody within twenty miles.”

“You get unemployment?”

“For now, but it ain’t enough—we have bills to pay.”

“I’ll pay a thousand bucks each—cash money, no taxes.”

“What we gotta do?”

“Help me guard some very dangerous prisoners we have in the jail.”

“No problem—we’re pretty dangerous ourselves, just ask around.”

“Very well,” Andy replied, “You stand guard outside with one inside—do NOT talk to the prisoners, and don’t listen to them. They are extremely dangerous. I have some business to take care of and will be back in an hour or so.”

“You can count on us. When do we get paid?”

“When we come, and take the prisoners to meet their fate.”

“Fair enough.”

Episode 10—Scene 2… Five miles away… Aboard the Marshal’s Helicopter… They were flying low and fast—sometimes abruptly rising to avoid trees, “I think I’m going to woof my cookies!”

“Joey—please don’t,” Debra cracked, “Or you’ll find yourself OUTSIDE this ‘copter!”

Aboard the marshal’s helicopter ©Jack Boardman“Joey—please don’t”

“Just kidding.”

Episode 10—Scene 3… Outside the Burris Jail… The Posse left the helicopter and quickly deployed and advanced on the jail.

The militia—basically cowards—evaporated into the woods and our incarcerated folks were freed.

The strike team arrived in front of the jail ©Jack BoardmanThe posse advanced on the jail

They were flown out to the advancing Pegasus II and Skeedaddle and they deplaned to the Pegasus.

Thus, this Adventure ends—but our STORY? To be—CONTINUED…


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9 Responses to “Joey—please don’t”

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    Woof My Cookies? I know what it is but do not think I have heard it put quite so eloquently 🙂

    Liked by 3 people

  2. sgtmajcarl says:

    Thus, this Adventure ends—but our STORY? To be—CONTINUED…

    IT BETTER! 😀

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