“With pleasure, Mr. Bannon…”

HIRAM Banner ©Jack BoardmanPREVIOUSLY: They were flying low and fast—sometimes abruptly rising to avoid trees, “I think I’m going to woof my cookies!”

“Joey—please don’t,” Debra cracked, “Or you’ll find yourself OUTSIDE this ‘copter!”

“Just kidding.”

Episode 10—Scene 3… Outside the Burris Jail… The Posse left the helicopter and quickly deployed and advanced on the jail.

The militia—basically cowards—evaporated into the woods and our incarcerated folks were freed.

They were flown out to the advancing Pegasus II and Skeedaddle and they deplaned to the Pegasus. (And now—without further ado—HIRAM!)

Season 15—Adventure 2—HIRAM—Episode One—Scene 1… At Silverthorn’s Café… After the morning breakfast rush, Boomer, AJ, Medlar Farkleberry, and Hiram Silverthorn were at the counter—Kiwi was behind the counter, “Any plans for the rest of the day, Boomer?”

Late Morning at Silverthorn’s Café ©Jack BoardmanAfter the morning breakfast rush

“Since we returned, I’ve been cleaning and ‘de-junking’ my place,” Boomer replied, “I have at least one trailer-load to go to the recycling center, otherwise nothing specific on my agenda.”

“Hiram, here, has been making noises about a vacation,” Kiwi smiled, “We go together for two weeks every year, and separately—we like to take a week or so, each.”

Since no one else was in the café, Medlar didn’t bother with his “local-yokel” affectation, “Are you planning anything, Hy?”

“Why? Do you want in?”

“Only if AJ takes my place running ‘Farkleberry Enterprises’ for me.”

“Certainly, boss,” AJ grinned, “After what we’ve been through—a piece of cake!”

“You’ll need a passport—things have changed since the last time we went fishing in Canada,” Hiram suggested.

“Camille and I visited England last year,” Farkleberry replied, “So we’re good.”

“I must be getting old—I forgot that.”

HIRAM—Episode One—Scene 2… Inside the Bannon’s Loft… William and Andy Carstairs were called to the loft, “You wanted to see us?”

“Yes, Bill,” Amos Bannon replied, “We’ve received word that Hiram Silverthorn and a friend are heading towards Canada on a vacation. We want you to try to take Silverthorn out. We failed in the 19th Century—maybe we can succeed in this century.”

“With pleasure, Mr. Bannon,” William replied, “And we WON’T farm-out the job—right Andy?”

William and Andy Carstairs were called to the loft ©Jack Boardman“With pleasure, Mr. Bannon…”







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6 Responses to “With pleasure, Mr. Bannon…”

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    Now how did they get word so quickly? Do we have a mole? Hidden mic? I believe these are good questions that need answers! ❗️ ❕ ❓ ❔ ‼️ ⁉️

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  2. sgtmajcarl says:

    We want you to try to take Silverthorn out. We failed in the 19th Century—maybe we can succeed in this century.”

    Good luck with THAT!

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  3. sarahwv says:


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