“What’s so unusual about that?”

HIRAM Banner ©Jack BoardmanPREVIOUSLY: “The Bannons have just ordered a hit on Hiram!”

“Well,” Debra replied, “Let’s get the gang together—and RIDE!”

“You realize, Debra, that few of the posse are currently available. The Coopers have gone on vacation, Hickok and company are tied-up with the Wild West Park, I’m covering for Farkleberry, my dad is still recovering from his ordeal…”

“Well,” Chris said, “I’m not needed for now at the park.”

“School is on break, so I’m available,” Debra was actually glad she didn’t have to settle-in at her new post—yet.”

“As planned—my shop can be covered—so I’m available,” Joey added.

“As I said—LET’S RIDE!”

“Hold on before you ride-off,” AJ insisted, “Each take your own car or truck. The Carstairs brothers are driving separate cars with dedicated-frequency phones.”

“You can’t leave me behind,” Kiwi was adamant, “But my truck is marked.”

“Ride with me,” Chris offered, “NOW can we RIDE?”

Season 15—Adventure 2—HIRAM—Episode Three—Scene 1… On the highway… The “Silverthorn Posse” rode hard! The small posse of four made good time—by not stopping for anything other than gas—and were rapidly gaining on Hiram and Medlar.

The “Silverthorn Posse” rode hard ©Jack BoardmanThe “Silverthorn Posse” rode hard

As soon as they were in range, Kiwi began attempting to contact Hiram—unfortunately he was not in his truck, and did not answer the call. She continued to call every fifteen minutes.

Episode Three—Scene 2… On the same highway twenty minutes earlier… The truck was behind them for miles—and Farkleberry was becoming concerned, “Hy? There’s been an old green Chevy behind us for the past twenty miles.”

“What’s so unusual about that?”

The truck was behind them for miles ©Jack Boardman“What’s so unusual about that?”

“You’re driving—as always—five miles per hour under the speed limit.”

“And the truck hasn’t passed us—maybe he’s a chronic 5-under driver?”

Farkleberry laughed, “Yah-sure—you-betcha!”

“Tell you what, Lar,” Hiram said, “We’ll stop at the next restaurant so they can get past my tortoise-like speed.”

Episode Three—Scene 3… at the Roadhouse Café… The green truck parked behind them and a short, bearded young man followed them into the café, “I see hunger overtook you fellas, as well.”

Hiram & Lar stopped for lunch at the Roadhouse Café ©Jack Boardman“I see hunger overtook you fellas, as well.”

“Indeed,” Lar grinned, “Maintaining five under the speed limit is hard work.”

The young, friendly man laughed, “I’ve gotten way too many speeding tickets—so I keep to five under all the time now.”

Since neither Hiram nor Lar had ever dealt with Andy Carstairs, they had no idea how dangerous he is.

We do—GENTLE READER—yes, we do!




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10 Responses to “What’s so unusual about that?”

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    Oh dear this is not good 😦

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  2. sgtmajcarl says:

    “Indeed,” Lar grinned, “Maintaining five under the speed limit is hard work.”

    For me? IMPOSSIBLE! 😀

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  3. sarahwv says:

    Uh oh!

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