Haste makes waste.

Nipigon Banner ©Jack BoardmanPREVIOUSLY: Reverend Rupert Festus Wilbur and crew arrived at the border crossing—and other than the Mountie giving the logo on the side of the car a long look—they had no problems, “Enjoy your visit, folks.”

With a “cat that ate the canary smirk” on his face, the Reverend Rupert Festus Wilbur replied, “Thank you—I’m sure we will.”

Episode 2—Scene 3… Cook County MN Highway 61… Chris, Kiwi, Debra and Joey had lost almost a full day before they learned that the Crusaders for Christ Militia were headed for Canada—they were now at full-speed on Minnesota Highway 61 in Cook County.

They were hoping to close the gap.

Before leaving, Hiram Silverthorn, Jr. had deputized them all as deputy US Marshals. That action would allow them into Canada, if necessary, with their firearms.

Maybe they won’t need them?

Season 15—Adventure 3—NIPIGON—Episode 3—Scene 1… Chris and Company arrived at the Border Crossing… It took some time for them to pass through the crossing—each had to show their commission as “Deputy US Marshals” as they carried firearms.

Each was inspected carefully by the Mounties—they took their job quite seriously.

Chris and Company arrived at the Border Crossing ©Jack BoardmanIt took some time for them to pass through the crossing

A full thirty-minutes later they were on their way with a “good hunting” wish from the Mounties—as well as an assurance they’d notify Canadian authorities of their presence.

They started their pursuit of the Crusaders for Christ in earnest with lights (and sometimes sirens) on.

“Joey!” Debra teased, “Can’t you get any more speed out of that thing?”

“You’re in front of me—holding me back—GET OUT OF MY WAY!”


Episode 3—Scene 2… Ontario Highway 61… The Crusaders for Christ hooked-up with their weapons carrier and were heading-up the highway towards Lake Nipigon¹ and the Ojibwe Reservation located on the lake—hoping to catch-up to Hiram and Medlar before they arrived.

The Reverend Rupert Festus Wilbur, Jr. knew of Hiram’s notoriety as habitually slow driver—he thought it only a matter of time before they caught-up to him.­

The Crusaders for Christ blew past the Roadhouse Grille and didn’t notice Hiram’s truck parked next to the building.

Crusaders for Christ blew past the Roadhouse Grille ©Jack BoardmanThe Crusaders for Christ blew past the Roadhouse Grille

The truck was partly obscured by several other cars and trucks in the parking lot.

Haste makes waste.

¹There is a Lake Nipigon in Ontario, but no Ojibwe Reservation I just liked the name.



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2 Responses to Haste makes waste.

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    and just what would they have done had they caught up with him? hmmmmm good thing we are on our way 🙂

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