The place was perfect

Fugitive Banner ©Jack BoardmanPREVIOUSLY: “This isn’t exactly what I was looking for.”

“Wal, Mister Carlson,” Farkleberry replied, “This-here Focus RS is th’ only car I have ready for sale—I got’r fer wholesale from Smith Ford down to Duluth. They’d bin closed by court-order fer rippin’-off customers. I’ll sell it fer wat I got into it.”

“It might be a cop-magnet.”

“Around these parts, it ain’t what you drive—it’s how you drive what gits the interest of our law-enforcement folks.”

Bill Carlson bought the car.

Now—to find a place to live.

Season 15—Adventure 5—Fugitive—Episode 5—Scene 1… Carlson drove to Moosehead Real Estate where the owner—yet another Farkleberry—directed him to a former gas station and mechanical shop just north of town—and handed him the keys. She told him to look it over and get back to her, “You’re just handing me the keys?”

“We operate on trust hereabouts. Besides—it’s not like you can just move-in—right?”

Fifteen minutes later he found the place.

Fifteen minutes later he found the place ©Jack BoardmanFifteen minutes later he found the place.

He toured the old shop and found it move-in ready—and just large enough for his new headquarters.

Episode 5—Scene 2… Inside the Place… Carlson found the garage entry at the rear of the building and moved his car inside and the inspected the interior.

It was better than he’d expected with a nice-sized great-room, large bedroom and modern bath—and along with that garage—the place was perfect.

The place was perfect ©Jack BoardmanThe place was perfect

He returned to Moosehead Real Estate and made a cash offer—not full price, of course.

A day later the attorney handling the estate of the previous owner accepted the offer.

“Now,” he thought, “I can begin to assemble my new staff.”

He sent out the word that he was hiring to a source he trusted, and she, in turn, contacted six very-accomplished individuals whose résumés were impeccable.

Episode 5—Scene 3… Jerkovich Photography… Donna Wilson was working her first solo shift.

Ten minutes into it—her first customer, Bill Carlson walked in, “Good morning, ma’am, I just moved-in to my new place and I’m looking for some artwork to fill a rather boring blank wall.”

“Welcome,” She replied, “Look around the showroom and see if anything strikes your fancy. If not, we have several photographers willing to provide custom photos.”

Neither person recognized the other.



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3 Responses to The place was perfect

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    Interesting that he found the perfect place right away and will have a full staff so quick…. 😦

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