“Okay, Suck-Up, what’s your plan?”

Bikers BannerPREVIOUSLY: “I think we should split-up here,” Rufus “Highway” Edwards—the leader of this particular pack of Badass Bikers—The Jolly Rogers, decided, “We’ll take the fork and Tommy and three others, continue down this road. That way one, or the other, group will find them. With some luck, we can surround them.”

“Good idea, Rufus,” Tommy, known as “Suck-Up” by the gang, replied.

Episode 5—Scene 2… Somewhere in the Rocky Mountains… “I think we’re lost.”

“Why, AJ?” Linda replied.

“We’ve passed that same tree three times.”

“Okay, pull-over, and we’ll go over the map and see where we’re going-wrong.”

Season 15—Adventure 6—Bikers—Episode 6—Scene 1… on the Mountain Forest Highway… “Oh—KAY!” AJ exclaimed, “I figured-out where we went astray—there’s a turn about a mile ahead of us that we’ve missed. If we turn there we’ll be back on course.”

“I figured-out where we went astray” ©Jack Boardman“Oh—KAY!”

“Let’s go,” Linda was anxious to get-on down the road—and, perhaps, get something to eat.”

Episode 6—Scene 2… twenty minutes later, on the Mountain Forest Highway… AJ Noticed the State Trooper following, and thought, “No big deal.”

AJ Noticed the State Trooper following ©Jack Boardman“No big deal.”

The conversations on the bus became fewer as the miles driven became larger—some drifted off to sleep—others just stared at the passing scenery and enjoying the ride.

There were a couple of cribbage games played—to pass the time.

They passed-through an area of winding road with very-tight turns, one after another—and AJ forgot about the trooper.

The turns ended after an hour, and AJ checked the mirrors—and saw the trooper still following, “Okay—this is a big deal.”

Moments later the trooper lit-up his emergency lights, “Okay—this is a big deal.”

AJ Noticed the State Trooper still following ©Jack Boardman“Okay—this is a big deal.”

Episode 6—Scene 3… Outside Smith’s Grille… Tommy and three others were only a mile behind the Rootin-Tootin Bike Club bikers—and soon found them—stopped at Smith’s Grille.

“Okay, Suck-Up, what’s your plan?”

Tommy and the 3 others caught up ©Jack Boardman“Okay, Suck-Up, what’s your plan?”

“Git yer guns out, boys…”

“Have you LOST YOUR MIND?”

“What’s your plan, Brian?”

“We go in and act all friendly-like—to start with,” Brian said, “Find-out what we can, and then, maybe, suggest we ride together.”

The other two agreed with Brian—overruling Tommy.

For the time-being, at least.


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6 Responses to “Okay, Suck-Up, what’s your plan?”

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    Oh my I feel action in the air ;0

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  2. Joseph Jerkovich says:

    Cribbage? CRIBBAGE??

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