“This IS 1873.”

SEVEN Banner ©Jack BoardmanPREVIOUSLY: On the Desert Trail in 1873… “Welcome Sean McGinty,” Juco smiled, “To 1873 and your destiny.”

“What am I doing on this—this horse?”

“You are on your way to a place you’ve never seen—the Arrowhead region of Minnesota.”

“I’ve been there.”

“Not in 1873.”

Season 15—Adventure 9—SEVEN—Episode 1—Scene 1—Not far from Brewster’s Corners… “It’s nothing like Twenty-First Century Danger Bay,” Sean McGinty observed, “Juco didn’t lie.”

“For once,” Alphonso quipped.

“There it is,” McGinty said, “Brewster’s Corners.”

“So?” Andrew asked.

“It’s our new home—they don’t ask questions about our business.”

“Ah,” Alphonso replied, “What the old westerns called a ‘Robber’s Roost,’ right?”

“Exactly,” McGinty grinned, “As long as we don’t make trouble—we’ll be welcome. Better yet—it’s just outside of Moosehead County.”

They stopped in front of the Town Marshal’s office.

McGinty & Company arrived in Brewster’s Corners ©Jack BoardmanThey stopped in front of the Town Marshal’s office.

“Howdy Marshal,” McGinty greeted the man standing outside the office, “We’re looking for a safe place to stay.”

“If you cause me no trouble—there’s a rooming house down the street.”

“We’ll cause you no trouble.”

SEVEN—Episode 1—Scene 2—At the Rootin-Tootin’ Headquarters… “I’m turning this HQ over to you, Linda,” Mac grinned, “I’ll be moving to a cabin out on Forest Road, as will Debra and Sarah. Boomer, make room for Joey & Jimmy in your cabin.”

The SEVEN Plus 1 inside the Rootin’ Tootin’ HQ ©Jack Boardman“Boomer, make room for Joey & Jimmy in your cabin.”

“Oh,” Boomer laughed, “Joey will just LOVE his part of my cabin.”

“I’m pretty-sure I’ll hate it,” Joey replied.

“Oh! You have NO IDEA!” Boomer laughed, “All the comforts of camping-out in the deep woods.”

SEVEN—Episode 1—Scene 3—The cabins of Forest Road… “This first cabin is mine, Joey.”

“Is that an outhouse behind the cabin?” Joey asked.

“Why yes—yes, it is.”

“Tell me there’s a bathroom cleverly hidden in the cabin.”

“I can’t do that, Joey.”

“Oh great! I don’t see any power lines running to the cabin. Why?”

“This IS 1873.”

The cabins of Forest Road ©Jack Boardman“This IS 1873.”

“Okay—they’re buried so no one will see them.”

“Oh yeah—just like the water-pipes.”


“Just kidding,” Boomer grinned, “We live the life of 1873.”


Jimmy Silverthorn just sighed.


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4 Responses to “This IS 1873.”

  1. Joseph Jerkovich says:

    When do I get to go back to 2017??

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  2. Chris Shouse says:

    They should have some fun learning how to rough it lol 🙂

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