“Captain Boomer led you astray…”

SEVEN Banner ©Jack BoardmanPREVIOUSLY: This first cabin is mine, Joey.”

“Is that an outhouse behind the cabin?” Joey asked.

“Why yes—yes, it is.”

“Tell me there’s a bathroom cleverly hidden in the cabin.”

“I can’t do that, Joey.”

“Oh great! I don’t see any power lines running to the cabin. Why?”

“This IS 1873.”

“Okay—they’re buried so no one will see them.”

“Oh yeah—just like the water-pipes.”


“Just kidding,” Boomer grinned, “We live the life of 1873.”


Jimmy Silverthorn just sighed.

Season 15—Adventure 9—SEVEN—Episode 2—Scene 1—Inside Boomer & Joey’s Cabin… “Here’s our main floor—we can cook over the fireplace if we wish, or go outside to the shed and create gourmet meals there. There’s a complete wood-fired kitchen there.”

Our main floor?” Joey seemed a bit confused (for good reason – after the crap Boomer heaped on him), “I thought this floor was your quarters.”

“It would seem,” Jimmy Silverthorn quipped, “Captain Boomer led you astray—does this happen often?

Inside Boomer & Joey’s Cabin Upstairs ©Jack Boardman“Captain Boomer led you astray…”

“Too often—and I continue to fall for it.”

“I was just jerking your chain—did it work?”

“It would seem so.”

“Let’s go upstairs.”

The upstairs had three beds—and a curiously marked door.

It had one of those too cute by half men’s room signs.

The sign portrayed a 18th Century boy.

“Go ahead—look inside.”

Inside, Joey found a large modern bathroom with all the accessories.

“Impressive,” Joey was smiling when he returned, “I imagine we all have such facilities?”


“Why has this never come-up in our past experiences in the past?”

“They were written in the old-time westerns fashion—nobody ever seems to need to use a bathroom. And too—you brought-up the matter.”


“Let’s take a ride south into Cook County,” Boomer suggested.

“Sure,” Joey replied, “Maybe we can learn something about our quarry.”

“And—check-out their ales.”

Episode 2—Scene 2—An hour later, inside the Brewster’s Corners Saloon & Café… Boomer and Joey instantly recognized Sean McGinty and his friends—fortunately, they didn’t recognize them, “Howdy, gents. A fine day.”

“It is,” Sean McGinty replied, “You a Civil War Veteran?”

“Yup!” Joey replied, “First Sergeant, 34th Cavalry, Company C.”

“Where’d you serve?”

“Out west—Indian wars.”

Inside the Brewster’s Corners Saloon & Café ©Jack Boardman“Out west—Indian wars.”

“Tough duty.”

“Yup, those Indians did nothing wrong, except defend their way of life.”

“I’ll say,” James added.

“You fellas looking for work?”

“Legal or otherwise?”

“Does it matter?”

“Nope,” Joey replied, “But we won’t punch cattle.”

Episode 2—Scene 2—Rootin’-Tootin’ HQ… “Boomer & Joey have hired-on as gunmen for Sean McGinty,” Cujo said, “Just as I planned.”

“Didn’t he recognize them?”

Cujo met with Linda & Chris ©Jack Boardman“Didn’t he recognize them?”

“No, Linda—I erased all of their memories of all of you.”

“What about Juco?”

“I sent him half-way across the Milky-Way. I can’t completely rid the universe of him—I can just inconvenience him.”

“Why can’t you?”

“Because he’s part of me—my dark side.”

“So, where are the bad guys?” Linda asked.

“Brewster’s Corners, about ten miles south of here. Boomer & Joey are there now. Joey brought Ghost-Dog Mattie along—she will keep you in the loop about their plans.”

“Why did they go there without orders?” Linda asked.

“I’m guessing because they were bored—and curious,” Cujo replied, “And too—Boomer was likely craving an ale, sort of like that wine you have in your cup.”

“Maybe we should ride to Brewster’s Corners,” Chris thought out loud.

“All of us,” Linda added, “Maybe McGinty is looking for hired-guns. I’ll send Ghost-Dog Kai to tell them to get ready.”

Cujo grinned, “I have business elsewhere, carry-on.”

Episode 2—Scene 3—Outside of the cabins of Forest Road… The hired-gun hopefuls were saddled-up, and ready to ride, “I sort-of like the thought of being the bad guys for a change.”

“Me too, Linda,” Chris agreed.

The Posse left to become outlaws ©Jack Boardman“Me too, Linda,” Chris agreed.

“This is something, that since I’ve been with you, I’ve not had the pleasure of letting my bad girl persona loose,” Debra was grinning as she spoke, “This could prove to be fun!”

Kai returned and said, “Boomer & Joey said that McGinty is looking for gunslingers!”

“Let’s ride!” Chris exclaimed.


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5 Responses to “Captain Boomer led you astray…”

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    Oh for fun 🙂 I did not know I was there as I saw no indication of it before but happy to oblige 🙂

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  2. Joseph Jerkovich says:

    All I know is nobody better shoot Joey!!!

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  3. sgtmajcarl says:

    I am SO FAR BEHIND! :-/


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