“What about you fellas?”

SEVEN Banner ©Jack BoardmanPREVIOUSLY: “Why not? That’s far faster than riding.”

“Yes—it is. But as soon as you book passage—the stationmaster will notify Wild Bill Hickok in Deadwood,” Boomer replied.

“And he’ll tell him you’re coming,” Jerkovich added, looking at the horse-gun at the end of his column, “With artillery. Get rid of that gun.”


“I know Hickok, personally,” Boomer added, “He’ll telegraph the cavalry—they have full batteries of horse-guns.”

“Very-well,” the major said after considering what Boomer said, “Where?”

“I’m sure Brewster’s Corners would love a spiked gun to display in the town square.”

Season 15—Adventure 9—SEVEN—Episode 4—Scene 1—Village of Danger Bay… Beauregard’s Legionnaires smiled and waved as they rode past—putting the citizens at ease.

They dismissed it as military maneuvers—a rare, but not unusual occurrence in Danger Bay. Occasionally, the military would pass through the village as part of their training.

Beauregard’s Legionnaires smiled and waved ©Jack BoardmanThey dismissed it as military maneuvers

They were pleased at the gift of the horse-gun, it would be placed on a rock-bordered grassy square in the center of town.

Episode 4—Scene 2—An hour later—Just outside of town… “Are you ready to ride, Major?”

Just outside of town ©Jack Boardman“Are you ready to ride, Major?”

“We are Captain. I thought a lot about your idea—and the more I considered it—the better I liked it. If your folks are ready, let’s get on the road.”

“Sar-Major Jerkovich, James Silverthorn and I have been ordered to scout ahead.”

“Good idea.”

Episode 4—Scene 2—Several weeks later in Dakota Territory… Our heroes and their guests made pretty-good time getting into eastern Dakota Territory—considering their guests were riding non-sentient horses.

Boomer, Jerkovich, and James Silverthorn, IV, were scouting several miles ahead.

“How is it your horses never seem to tire?”

Weeks later in Dakota Territory ©Jack Boardman“How is it your horses never seem to tire?”

“They’re sentient, Major, far stronger with the endurance of a mule,” Linda replied, “They also can speak.”

Linda let him ponder that—suspecting he didn’t believe her.

She was correct.

Episode 4—Scene 3—In Dakota Territory—Ten miles deeper… Jimmy, Boomer, and Joey met a unit of the 10th Cavalry, known widely by the Natives as “Buffalo Soldiers” as all, except the officers, were Black former slaves.

“Hold-up there,” Lieutenant Fitzhugh commanded, “We’ve received word that there are desperadoes about.”

“At EASE, Lieutenant,” Captain Boomer fired-back, “Do we LOOK like ‘desperados’ to you?”

“Do we LOOK like ‘desperados’ to you?”


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5 Responses to “What about you fellas?”

  1. Joseph Jerkovich says:

    Major. Has a nice ring to it

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  2. Chris Shouse says:

    One can never be too careful with desperados riding about 🙂

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  3. sgtmajcarl says:


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