“You never asked.”

SEVEN Banner ©Jack BoardmanPREVIOUSLY: “They’re sentient, Major, far stronger with the endurance of a mule,” Linda replied, “The also can speak.”

Linda let him ponder that—suspecting he didn’t believe her.

She was correct.

Jimmy, Boomer, and Joey met a unit of the 10th Cavalry, known widely by the Natives as “Buffalo Soldiers” as all, except the officers, were Black former slaves.

“Hold-up there,” Lieutenant Fitzhugh commanded, “We’ve received word that there are desperadoes about.”

“At EASE, Lieutenant,” Captain Boomer fired-back, “Do we LOOK like ‘desperados’ to you?”

Season 15—Adventure 9—SEVEN—Episode 5—Scene 1—In Dakota Territory—Ten miles deeper… “N-no Sir,” Fitzhugh stammered.

“Very-well, Lieutenant, “Be on your way, and the next travelers you meet are also with us—DO NOT GIVE THEM TROUBLE!

“I-I won’t, sir.”

A meeting with the Buffalo Soldiers ©Jack Boardman“I-I won’t, sir.”

After Lt. Fitzhugh and his Buffalo Soldiers (some of the best & toughest cavalrymen in history) rode-off, Joey cracked-wise, “Didja hafta be so cruel to that shave-tailed rookie officer?”

“Of course, not—but couldn’t help myself.”

“That figures.”

Episode 5—Scene 2—Deadwood—Six weeks later…Outside the Marshal’s Office… “Time-traveling again?” James Butler Hickok greeted his friends as they rode-up.

“Yup,” Chris replied, “How are things in Deadwood?”

Deadwood—six weeks later ©Jack Boardman“How are things in Deadwood?”

“Relatively quiet considering this is a town of legendary, and often falsely, wild reputation.”

“Like Wichita and Dodge City?”


“We need to talk—in private.”

“Well—c’mon inside.”

Episode 5—Scene 3—Deadwood—Inside the Marshal’s Office… “Let me get this straight,” Jimmy Hickok replied after Chris outlined their plan, “You’re going to take-over Driftwood?”

In the Marshal’s Office ©Jack Boardman“You’re going to take-over Driftwood?”


“Why? We know that they’re there and can keep track of them.”

“Because, the Natives want to take it back. It was theirs originally.”

“You’re going to have a fight,” Hickok replied, “You don’t have enough people.”

“Oh—but we do. We have natives meeting us there—enough to easily take Driftwood. And afterwards we’ll deal with Beauregard by bringing him to the 21st Century to stand charges for his multi-time crimes.”

“He’s FROM the 21st Century?”


“And he has no idea what you’re planning?”

“We’ve gone out of our way to make him believe we’re on his side.”

Hickok sighed, “I hope this works. Before I forget, how am I doing in the 21st Century?”

“WHAT?” Chris was stunned.

“His history was contrived by our friend Cujo, and she has given me permission to tell you. That’s why I’m not concerned about my being shot in a few years from now. It works-out.”

“Um, Captain Boomer,” Chris gave Boomer the evil-eye, “Why didn’t I know this?”

“You never asked.”

And so, this ADVENTURE has concluded—but our STORY? To be CONTINUED…

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3 Responses to “You never asked.”

  1. Joseph Jerkovich says:

    Left in the dark again. Need to know…..

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  2. Chris Shouse says:

    Cujo is just awesome!!! Love traveling 🙂

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  3. sgtmajcarl says:


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