The assault on Driftwood

Pursuit Banner ©Jack BoardmanPREVIOUSLY: “Because, the Natives want to take it back. It was theirs originally.”

“You’re going to have a fight,” Hickok replied, “You don’t have enough people.”

“Oh—but we do. We have natives meeting us there—enough to easily take Driftwood. And afterwards we’ll deal with Beauregard by bringing him to the 21st Century to stand charges for his multi-time crimes.”

“He’s FROM the 21st Century?”


“And he has no idea what you’re planning?”

“We’ve gone out of our way to make him believe we’re on his side.”

Hickok sighed, “I hope this works. Before I forget, how am I doing in the 21st Century?”

“WHAT?” Chris was stunned.

“His history was contrived by our friend Cujo, and she has given me permission to tell you. That’s why I’m not concerned about my being shot in a few years from now. It works-out.”

“Um, Captain Boomer,” Chris gave Boomer the evil-eye, “Why didn’t I know this?”

“You never asked.”

Season 16—Adventure 1—PURSUIT—Episode 1—Scene 1—Near Driftwood… “Major, we need to talk—privately,” Captain Boomer just out of ear-shot of his men, “As I’ve told you, our horses are sentient—and they’ve overheard talk.”

“What kind of talk?”

“Mutiny,” Boomer let that sink-in for a moment, “They’re planning on accidentally shooting you. They won’t try with us near you, I suspect.”

“What can we do?”

The Assault on Driftwood ©Jack Boardman“What can we do?”

“Play into their hand a bit,” Boomer said, “Chris will order you and your men to lead the assault—with you directing them from directly behind them, where a good commander should be.”

“That’s how I’ve always deployed them.”

“Good,” Boomer replied, “You fall back behind us, and we’ll protect you.”

“Thank you, Captain.”

The assault on Driftwood lasted only a few deadly minutes after Beauregard’s men stormed the stockade—and died to a man.

They were followed immediately by the mounted Seven, along with local Dakota Natives, who arrived seconds before the assault began.

The resident outlaws stood no chance and they surrendered quickly—not quickly enough to lose fifty-percent of their number.

“C’mon, Major,” Chris insisted, “Ride with us—Driftwood is now in the hands of the Dakota Tribe—it belongs to them, now.”

“Gladly,” he replied, “After learning of my men’s planned mutiny, I want no part of this place.”

“Or this time,” Chris grinned.

“What do you mean?”

He found out seconds later…

Episode 1—Scene 2—Bluffton, 21st Century Danger Bay… “Welcome home, Major,” Sheriff James Silverthorn greeted, “You are under arrest.”

The Sheriff and US Marshals took custody of Beauregard ©Jack Boardman“You are under arrest.”

Beauregard was silent—he simply could not believe these rubes had figured-out that he was a time-traveler.

The fact that he was apprehended by time-travelers did not occur to him.

“Okay Mr. Beauregard,” Sheriff Silverthorn cuffed him and guided him to the squad, “Watch your head and back into the car.”

He climbed in next to him and Lt. Silverthorn drove the car away.

They took him to the Moosehead County jail, where he would be held awaiting arraignment in the morning.

Episode 1—Scene 3—Back in 19th Century Deadwood, Dakota Territory… The “Magnificent Five” found themselves—quite surprisingly—riding out of Deadwood with Jimmy Silverthorn, IV, and Lakota warrior, Chaytan (Hawk). They were on their way to what was known as “Driftwood.”

Driftwood was on sacred Lakota (Sioux) land and Chaytan was responsible for reclaiming Driftwood for the Lakota.

“Please, call me ‘Hawk,’ since you have difficulty pronouncing ‘Chatan’ correctly,” Hawk replied to a question from Silverthorn, “Ojibwa have always problems with that.”

Back in 19th Century Driftwood ©Jack Boardman“Please, call me Hawk”

A chastened Silverthorn replied, “Yes, Hawk. I look forward to seeing what the Lakota have accomplished.”



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4 Responses to The assault on Driftwood

  1. sgtmajcarl says:

    The resident outlaws stood no chance and they surrendered quickly—not quickly enough to lose fifty-percent of their number.


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  2. Chris Shouse says:

    What do you mean “I didn’t Ask?” I should not have to ASK. I should know it all!!! 🙂

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