Today was different

Pursuit Banner ©Jack BoardmanPREVIOUSLY: The “Magnificent Five” found themselves—quite surprisingly—riding out Deadwood with Jimmy Silverthorn, IV, and Lakota warrior, Chaytan (Hawk). They were on their way to what was known as “Driftwood.”

Driftwood was on sacred Lakota (Sioux) land and Chayton was responsible for reclaiming Driftwood for the Lakota.

“Please, call me ‘Hawk,’ since you have difficulty pronouncing ‘Chatan’ correctly,” Hawk replied to a question from Silverthorn, “Ojibwa have always problems with that.”

A chastened Silverthorn replied, “Yes, Hawk. I look forward to seeing what the Lakota have accomplished.”

Season 16—Adventure 1—PURSUIT— Episode 2—Scene 1—Inside the Driftwood Stockade… “Wow!” Jimmy exclaimed.

Inside the stockade ©Jack Boardman“Wow!”

“That sums it up pretty-well,” Chris agreed, “I see you made use of the old buildings, Hawk.”

“We disassembled the buildings,” Hawk explained, “And used the lumber to construct the new buildings. The leftover wood we’ve cut-up for firewood.”

There was no more conversation on this visit to the 19th Century as the “Five” disappeared—back to the 21st.

Episode 2—Scene 2—21st Century Moosehead City County Jail… Boomer was known to leave home early for any appointment—too early, some would say. Today was different.

Boomer was the last to arrive ©Jack BoardmanToday was different.

The Magnificent Five (Mac replaced Linda, who elected take a much-needed vacation with Ralph and Sarah Cooper had too much business at her shop to participate) were already inside as Boomer pulled-up and parked. The truth of the matter is that he took the scenic route—the one with the most hairpin turns combined with long straight stretches where he could cut-loose and let “Strider” show his stuff.

“Sorry I’m late,” Boomer said as he walked into the Sheriff’s office.

“You’re right on time,” Sheriff Silverthorn replied, “We’re about to take him to the courthouse to be arraigned.”

Magnificent Five visit the Moosehead County Jail ©Jack Boardman“You’re right on time”

They went through the door into the jail—Beauregard was gone!

There was a “regular” prisoner—a fellow who could not control his thirst for booze—or for starting fights in the cell next to the one Beauregard had been in, “The prisoner escaped and a dog helped him!”

The prisoner escaped & a dog helped ©Jack Boardman“The prisoner escaped and a dog helped him”

JUCO!” Chris exclaimed.



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  1. lhalvor says:

    I hate when that happens.

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