“They just disappeared…”

Pursuit Twenty-First Century Banner PREVIOUSLY: The Magnificent Five (Mac replaced Linda, who elected take a much-needed vacation with Ralph and Sarah Cooper had too much business at her shop to participate) were already inside as Boomer pulled-up and parked. The truth of the matter is that he took the scenic route—the one with the most hairpin turns combined with long straight stretches where he could cut-loose and let “Strider” show his stuff.

“Sorry I’m late,” Boomer said as he walked into the Sheriff’s office.

“You’re right on time,” Sheriff Silverthorn replied, “We’re about to take him to the courthouse to be arraigned.”

They went through the door into the jail—Beauregard was gone!

There was a “regular” prisoner—a fellow who could not control his thirst for booze—or for starting fights in the cell next to the one Beauregard had been in, “The prisoner escaped and a dog helped him!”

“JUCO!” Chris exclaimed.

Season 16—Adventure 1—PURSUIT—Episode 3—Scene 1—Moosehead County Jail… “That would be my guess,” Boomer agreed, “It appears his trip past the Milky Way, as Cujo put it, is over.”

“They just disappeared,” Oliver Stanton, the semi-permanent occupant of the jail, added, “I’ve never seen such a thing—even after a night at the bar.”

“I’ll organize a posse,” Jimmy Silverthorn declared.

“You already have one,” Chris replied, “And you should consider remaining here—we got this!”

The prisoner escaped & a dog helped ©Jack Boardman“You already have one…”

Jimmy knew that arguing with Chris was useless, and he didn’t press the issue.

Episode 3—Scene 2—Downtown Danger Bay at Silverthorn’s Café… Sure enough, Loren Kleinschmidt had found Silverthorn’s Café weeks ago and was now a regular at the café.

He was now itching to leave the condo he’d been renting and find his own place, “What’s going-on outside?”

Loren Kleinschmidt at Silverthorn’s Café ©Jack Boardman“What’s going-on outside?”

“That’s our very-own ‘Rootin-Tootin-Posse,’ all are special deputies of our grandson, James Silverthorn. If you hurry—you might just catch-up to them.”

Loren ran outside to his car—and was soon on the road playing catch-up.

Finding a new place went completely out of his mind.

Episode 3—Scene 2—On Scenic Highway 61… Loren Kleinschmidt caught-up to the Posse and when they noticed he was following, and following without passing, they pulled to the side of the highway.

“Why are you following us?” Chris demanded, “It’s not a wise move on your part.”

Loren Kleinschmidt caught-up to the Posse ©Jack Boardman“Why are you following us?”

“Because I want in on this adventure,” Loren replied, “I’m the newest member of the IRL crew on this blog, Loren Kleinschmidt, at your service.”

“It’s okay Chris,” Boomer said, “I invited him.”

“In that case—let’s RIDE!”

Just then—Cujo appeared, “Hold-on, friends. It seems Juco has returned from my banishment a little sooner than I thought he would. You’re not going to catch him anywhere in the county.”

“Where, then?”

“I haven’t a clue, Chris—yet.”

Cujo appeared to the Posse ©Jack Boardman“I haven’t a clue, Chris—yet.”

“What should we do?”

“Head to the depot—the Adventure Train will be there.”

“Are we headed to the past?”

“I don’t know—yet. The train will be equipped for both centuries.”



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5 Responses to “They just disappeared…”

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    I just love that train 😍it gives us comfort in the past 🤠and comfort in the present 😎 hey we have not been to the future in a long time 🤖any chance they are hiding there?

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Joseph Jerkovich says:

    Adventure Train? Does this involve drugs?

    Liked by 2 people

  3. sgtmajcarl says:

    “Head to the depot—the Adventure Train will be there.”

    WOO-HOO! 😀


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