There was nothing Juco could do about it.

Pursuit Twenty-First Century Banner ©Jack BoardmanPREVIOUSLY: The apartment was rather small—consisting of a bed & easy chair—of COURSE Joey went directly to the bathroom door.

“There better not be an outhouse behind this door,” He said as he turned the doorknob.

“WOW!” He exclaimed, “It’s HUGE!”

“Oh, ye of little faith,” Boomer laughed, “You are just too easy to fool.”

“I wasn’t fooled—just a bit skeptical is all.”

“You run with that, Joey,” Debra quipped.

“You know I will,” Joey replied, “I wonder if Cujo has learned of the direction Beauregard is headed?”

“Let’s go to the Ops-Center and find out,” Debra suggested.

Season 16—Adventure 1—PURSUIT—Episode 6—Scene 1—In the Operations Center… “Welcome to Operations, I’m Clem and the pale fellow next to me is Stan. We are the official engineer and fireman, respectively, of the Adventure Train.”

Stan added, “The train rarely requires an actual crew in the locomotive and the two people in it are projections we create right here in the ops-center.”

“Did you not know this Boomer?” Mac asked.

“Let’s go to the Ops-Center” ©Jack Boardman“Did you not know this Boomer?”

“Surprisingly—no, Mac,” Boomer replied, “I was wondering why I was compelled to make those characters.”

“From here, we may even move the train from this rail line to any other within a hundred miles—with the help of Cujo.”

“Good thing Beauregard doesn’t have his own train,” Loren said.

“Rumor has it—he does.”

Episode 6—Scene 2—Beauregard’s Train in the Red River Valley…

With Juco’s help, Beauregard’s train reached the northwestern Minnesota prairie—and making good progress towards their goal of reaching Canada.

Juco’s powers are nearly as strong as Cujo’s—and he was frustrated by their slow progress.

There was nothing Juco could do about it.

Beauregard’s Train on Minnesota Prairie ©Jack BoardmanThere was nothing Juco could do about it.

The only solace he could take is that they got underway without Cujo being aware of what they were up to—but that wouldn’t last.

The one thing he could do would be to disappear from the train.

With a few words of encouragement, he left the train—and reappeared in the northeastern Minnesota’s border with Canada.

That just might buy Beauregard’s train enough time.

Episode 6—Scene 3—Inside Beauregard’s Train… “Gentlemen, we’re on our way to freedom from that ‘Posse,’ finally.”

“Where are we going?”

Inside Beauregard’s RR Car ©Jack Boardman“Where are we going?”

“The Dakotas,” He replied, “We have some delightful business opportunities there and in Wyoming.”

“What kind of opportunities?”

“You guys come well-recommended—but trust must be earned. You haven’t done that—yet.”



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6 Responses to There was nothing Juco could do about it.

  1. sgtmajcarl says:

    “Gentlemen, we’re on our way to freedom from that ‘Posse,’ finally.”

    WANNA BET? 😀

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  2. Joseph Jerkovich says:

    Any that look like a Dodge Challenger?

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