“This oughta work just fine, Boss.”

A Game of Chess Banner ©Jack BoardmanPREVIOUSLY: “Excuse me, Mr. Williams?”

“Hello,” Williams replied, “How may I help you?”

“I’m looking to find rooms for my tour-group and I understand you own some cabins.”

“Unfortunately, I do—there was a scenic highway planned some years ago that didn’t pan-out. I foolishly thought I’d get in on the ground-floor, so to speak. You would like to rent them?”

“Yes. How much?”

“Two-hundred per night for each cabin. There are four.”


“Too much?”

“No—I’ll pay in advance for two weeks,” Beauregard smiled, “And if required, will extend our stay.”


Season 16—Adventure 2—A Game of Chess—Episode 1—Scene 1—Beauregard found the motel… Beauregard and Alf Jones (his gang foreman) stopped just outside the driveway leading to the cabins, “I like the fact the cabins are almost invisible from the road, boss.”

“Yes—exactly,” Beauregard replied, “Practically invisible to traffic.”

Beauregard found the abandoned motel ©Jack Boardman“Practically invisible to traffic.”

“Yup,” Alf added, “Let’s look at the cabins.”

Episode 1—Scene 2—Inside one of the cabins… “This oughta work just fine, Boss.”

Beauregard & Jones inspected the cabin interior ©Jack Boardman“This oughta work just fine, Boss.”

“Yes, Alf, it will do nicely. I’ll select one to be our headquarters and set-up a communications center.”

“I’ll meet the boys and bring them here.”

“Nobody will find us here… unless you lead them here, Alf.”

“You KNOW I won’t!”

“I do.”

Episode 1—Scene 3—Inside Beauregard’s cabin… Beauregard made his cabin headquarters fit his needs—a secure communications station with message encryption capability, was his first-priority.

His cabin had on feature the others didn’t—provided by Juco. A fully equipped lower level where Beauregard could hide if threatened.

Its access was hidden by the area rug.

Beauregard made his cabin headquarters ©Jack BoardmanIts access was hidden by the area rug.

He would share this information only with Alf—the only member of his gang he trusted.

Episode 1—Scene 4—Inside the Posse’s Cabin… “How come you get to stand in front, Joey?”

“Because I’m special, Boomer,” Joey laughed.

“No,” Debra said, “Because you budged in line.”

“How come you get to stand in front, Joey?” ©Jack Boardman“Because you budged in line.”

“Knock it off, people,” Chris ended the spat, “We have work to do. I need two people to man the two monitoring stations at all times—Mac?”

“I’ll make a duty-schedule of four-hour shifts.”

“Leave Kiwi and Hiram off the schedule, Mac—I’m sending them into Deadwood to hang-out. Cujo sent our two lightweight Harleys for them to use. They are to spend time in town mixing with other Natives, and observing for us.”

“We’re pretty-good at that—it’s what we do all the time at the café!” Kiwi laughed, “It sounds like fun to me.”



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6 Responses to “This oughta work just fine, Boss.”

  1. Joseph Jerkovich says:

    Budged? Joey doesn’t budge!!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Chris Shouse says:

    I would love to have a fancy communications center here in my office. Send Cujo on over will you? BTW I love that area rug 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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