“Oh MY!” Kiwi exclaimed

A Game of Chess Banner ©Jack BoardmanPREVIOUSLY: “How come you get to stand in front, Joey?”

“Because I’m special, Boomer,” Joey laughed.

“No,” Debra said, “Because you budged in line.”

“Knock it off, people,” Chris ended the spat, “We have work to do. I need two people to man the two monitoring stations at all times—Mac?”

“I’ll make a duty-schedule of four-hour shifts.”

“Leave Kiwi and Hiram off the schedule, Mac—I’m sending them into Deadwood to hang-out. Cujo sent our two lightweight Harleys for them to use. They are to spend time in town mixing with other Natives, and observing for us.”

“We’re pretty-good at that—it’s what we do all the time at the café!” Kiwi laughed, “It sounds like fun to me.”

Season 16—Adventure 2—A Game of Chess—Episode 2—Scene 1— Downtown Deadwood… Kiwi and Hiram rode slowly into town—riding from one end of downtown to the other before deciding where to stop first.

Kiwi and Hiram rode slowly into town ©Jack BoardmanKiwi and Hiram rode slowly into town

The stopped briefly at the Town Marshal’s office and asked if there were any Native-owned businesses in town.

The on-duty deputy, Walter Standing Bear, was more than happy to inform them that the El Gato Dancehall, Saloon, & Café’s ownership was majority Native-owned—by his parents.

“Are you Lakota-Sioux?”

“We are Ojibwa-Chippewa from Northern Minnesota,” Hiram replied.

“Ah,” Standing Bear replied, “Of the warriors who ‘helped’ us take over the Dakotas, by chasing us out. Thank you.”

“Ah—there are many Lakota in Minnesota—they own MOST of the casinos—fleecing the white-eyes of their gold,” Hiram laughed, “We will visit the El Gato.”

“I will call my folks and ask them to attempt to fleece you of your gold,” Standing Bear laughed.

Episode 2—Scene 3—Downtown Deadwood… Inside the El Gato Dancehall Saloon & Café…

“Welcome travelers! I am Sara Running Dear and this is William White Eagle, my husband.”

“We are the Silverthorns. I am Kiwidinok, and this is Hiram, my husband.”

“You have no Native name, Hiram?”

El Gato Dancehall Saloon & Café ©Jack Boardman“You have no Native name, Hiram?”

“Silverthorn is both Native and English,” Hiram replied, “In my family’s case, it comes from the Silver Thorn Bush, native to our part of Minnesota—and has become our surname.”

“What brings you to Deadwood?” William asked, “Tourists?”

“No—we are part of a posse searching for Beau Tarrant Beauregard, a fugitive from the Port of Danger Bay.”

“He was here,” Bill Williams said, “He rented all the cabins I own out along the railroad line.”

OH MY!” Kiwi exclaimed.



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4 Responses to “Oh MY!” Kiwi exclaimed

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    Well that was an easy find lol 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Joseph Jerkovich says:

    El Gato is the Cat in Spanish.


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