“Are you neighbors?”

A Game of Chess Banner ©Jack BoardmanPREVIOUSLY: “Cujo erased their memories of us—remember?”

“You’re not joking—DAMMIT!” Joey replied, “C’mon, Boomer—let’s go see how effectively Cujo’s erasure worked.”

“Walk—or drive?” Boomer asked, “Driving would lead them to believe that we’re not immediate neighbors.”

“Drive—the long way.”

“In your car, no doubt.”

“No doubt.”

Joey drove away from the cabin to the west, instead from the east until the gravel road intersected with the highway—his idea being, that if anyone were in sight of the road, it would be best to appear coming from Deadwood.

We’ll never know if Joey was correct.

There was no one outside when they arrived, and only a couple of cars parked by the cabins.

There was activity in the motel lodge—Joey knocked on the door.

Season 16—Adventure 2—A Game of Chess—Episode 4—Scene 1—Inside the Motel Lodge… Beau Tarrant Beauregard answered the knock on the door—and with a broad smile greeted Joey and Boomer, “Welcome strangers—come in, please.”

Not the slightest flicker of recognition registered on his face, “Are you neighbors?”

Inside the Motel Lodge ©Jack Boardman“Are you neighbors?”

“No sir. We’re from over Rapid City way,” Joey lied with conviction, “And we noticed this place as we were exploring the back roads around here.”

“We too are newcomers here and managed to rent this entire old motel for what amounts to pocket-change. Are you looking for lodging?”

“No, but thanks for asking,” Boomer replied, “We and our families are camping up in the hills.”

“Yeah,” Joey added, “We had to escape our wives—and his grandkids for a while.”

“You’ll have time then to enjoy some peace and quiet over a beer?”

“Yes, yes, we will, thank you,” Boomer grinned.

“Oh—nuts,” Joey lied, “I forgot my phone in the car—If my wife calls…”

“I used to be married,” Beauregard laughed, “I understand completely.”

Episode 4—Scene 2—Outside the lodge… Joey wasted no time contacting Chris, “We’re in—Beauregard bought our story. We’ll stay for a half-hour, or so, and then make our excuses.”

“Good. The Silverthorns just arrived with reinforcements,” Chris replied, “How many?”

“Most appear to be away—now may not be the best time if you want to get them all.”

“But we can get Beauregard, right?”


“Okay—prepare yourselves!”

“Hold on—we got big-time trouble!”


“I see Juco inside!”

Joey outside the lodge ©Jack Boardman“I see Juco inside!”

“Boomer is in there!”



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4 Responses to “Are you neighbors?”

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    This is not a good situation!! Crap 😦

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  2. Joseph Jerkovich says:

    uh ohh. I see trouble

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