“Where’s Beauregard?”

A Game of Chess Banner ©Jack BoardmanPREVIOUSLY: “I’ll have to leave you folks for a while to regain my strength. I’ve sent Boomer a message to slip out the back door—he’ll be here directly. When he arrives—get your human butts out of here.”

“Yes ma’am!”

Moments later Joey and Boomer left successfully—and without drawing any suspicion.

The Silverthorns and William White Eagle and the Lakota arrived—ready for battle.

“Welcome friends,” Chris greeted, “Let’s plan our operation.”

“Thank you,” White Eagle replied, “No planning is necessary—just get your weapons. We’ve already scouted their position, and all are in the motel’s lodge having a party, it appears.”

“Boomer & Joey just left there according to Cujo,” Hiram added, “We have enough people to take the lodge without them. They are taking the long way back—just in case someone was watching. It will be a bit before they return.”

“Very-well,” Chris agreed, “Let’s go!”

Season 16—Adventure 2—A Game of Chess—Episode 6—Scene 1—Outside the Posse’s Cabin… “Hey! Where’s the Grey Ghost, Boomer?”

“Oh—Teresa needed it to help a client move her stuff out of a house she sold,” Boomer replied, “Cujo made the swap—I have Pearl now.”

Outside the Posse’s Cabin ©Jack Boardman“Cujo made the swap—I have Pearl now.”

“Cujo never left us.”

“She’s sneaky like that.”

“So, it would seem to be. I wonder how our friends are doing next door.”

Episode 6—Scene 2—Inside the Motel Lodge… Caught completely by surprise—the occupants of the lodge quickly surrendered.

The assault team did a very thorough search of the motel grounds and cabins, and found no one else—all were accounted for save three: Beauregard, Al Jones & AJ Beard.

“Where’s Beauregard?”

Storming the motel lodge ©Jack Boardman“Where’s Beauregard?”

“I don’t know,” Ralph Fenster replied, “He was just here talking with a dog.”

JUCO!” Chris exclaimed, “Cujo—where are you?”

Cujo didn’t respond.

She couldn’t. She was occupied elsewhere—I would tell you, GENTLE READER, if I knew—she didn’t share that information with me.

Episode 6—Scene 3—On the highway near Deadwood… “Pull over here!” Juco ordered.

On the highway near Deadwood ©Jack Boardman“Pull over here!”

“Why?” Beauregard asked.

“Because you have to lose that car—our enemies know that car.”

“You want us to walk?”

“Of course not, you imbecile,” Juco was losing his patience, “I have another car for you—and new identities.”

“Very well,” Beauregard replied, “Then what?”

“Then we drive to your new home,” he replied, “Where you will lay-low until I give you your orders.”

Episode 6—Scene 4—On the highway near Deadwood… And just like that—the car was replaced and each had a new appearance and names: Robert Smith, Jim Wilcox, and Mike Hale.

Car swap on the highway ©Jack BoardmanRobert Smith, Jim Wilcox, and Mike Hale.

Smith/Beauregard was not all that happy about exchanging a fine Chevrolet for a… a… MOPAR! But what’s a poor, evil, schmuck, like the former Beau Tarrant Beauregard to do?



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6 Responses to “Where’s Beauregard?”

  1. Joseph Jerkovich says:

    All this action!!!

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  2. Chris Shouse says:

    I would get tired of having to set up locations all the time. Never knowing who is coming for you 🙂 Good thing we have help 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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