“Your turn Penance”

A Game of Chess Banner ©Jack BoardmanPREVIOUSLY: FINALLY—the Entity appeared, “I am PENANCE! Yeah, yeah, I hear ya—be quick with your request—I’m getting whupped at cribbage and I gotta get back—and kick her ass!”

“I respectfully request you eliminate an entity who has made my life miserable.”

“And I would do this because?”

“Because she is a do-gooder and foils my schemes,” Juco replied, “And you are known in our circles as one who despises good.”

“Very-well, who is this do-gooder?”


“With pleasure—she irritates me, as well.”

Juco smiled, “Thank you.”

“Yeah, yeah. Now begone! I must return to my cribbage match!”

Season 16—Adventure 2—A Game of Chess—Episode 8—Scene 1—At the Cosmic Cribbage Board… “Your turn Penance,” Cujo grinned, “You have a chance to finally beat me.”

Your turn Pennance ©Jack Boardman“Your turn Penance”

“Yeah—yeah,” Penance replied, “Juco rattled me with his arrogance. Why don’t you send him out of the galaxy instead of to the far reaches?”

“I could—but where’s the fun in that?”

“What of all the trouble he causes for your mortal friends?”

“He gives them challenges. Sometimes they believe that I intercede on their behalf when I really haven’t.”

“But you have had to intercede?”

“Yes,” Cujo replied, “But, very rarely.”

“Plucky bunch.”

“They are that,” Cujo arfed.

Episode 8—Scene 2—Inside Robert Smith’s New Cabin… Juco returned to the cabin with a bit of a surprise Smith & company, “Gentlemen, please step outside.”

Juco returned to the cabin ©Jack Boardman“Gentlemen, please step outside.”

“Okay,” Smith replied, “What’s out there that we haven’t seen?”

“You’ll have to go out there and see for yourself,” Juco woofed, “And after you take in the scenery we’ll need to start planning your next operation. I’ve taken care of Cujo—she’ll no longer bother us.”

Episode 8—Scene 3—Outside Robert Smith’s New Cabin… Robert Smith, Jack Wood, and Mike Hale, were—well—stunned when they walked outside to find they were no longer anywhere near Deadwood, “That-that-that looks like Lake Superior.”

Juco chuckled, “You’re quick, Mr. Hale. It is Lake Superior.”

Outside Smith’s cabin ©Jack Boardman“You’re quick, Mr. Hale. It is Lake Superior.”

“If I may surmise, Juco,” Smith said, “We mix with the locals as newcomers to Moosehead County and not break the law here—ever!”

“You are correct,” Juco replied, “You each have bank accounts in the Lakes Bank in Grand Marais, so you’ll not need to worry about money.”

Episode 8—Scene 4——Inside the Posse’s Cabin… Linda Bryant Halvorson returned from her vacation with Ralph—and instantly found herself joining her friends, “Whoa—whiplash!”

“Welcome back Linda,” Chris greeted.

“Welcome back Linda” ©Jack Boardman“Welcome back Linda”

“Thanks—I think,” she replied, “What’s going-on?”

“We’re waiting to hear from Cujo—so, at this point, we don’t know.”

“There are only five of us here.”

“The others returned home to take care of their various needs—the rest of us don’t have lives, apparently,” Chris laughed.



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8 Responses to “Your turn Penance”

  1. Chris Shouse says:

    My life would not be happening at all if I did not have adventures lol My best friend is my dog and my computer. 🙂 Nice image with the lake in the background 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Chris Shouse says:

    OH! and I did not see that move with Cujo coming very clever lol

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Joseph Jerkovich says:

    How much money exactly are in those accounts. Asking for a friend

    Liked by 1 person

  4. lhalvor says:

    I like the spook.

    Liked by 1 person

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