“Do you really think Joey robbed the bank?”

On the Lam Banner ©JBoardmanPREVIOUSLY: “Good morning, gentlemen,” Jones greeted as Wood & Hale came into the café, “You’re right on time.”

“Good morning,” Hale returned the greeting, “Where’s Smith?”

“Dead,” Jones replied, “Does that matter?”

“Not to us,” Wood said—smiling.

“What are they doing here?” Hale asked, “Can they be trusted?”

“Juco thinks so,” Jones replied, “He had a problem with Mr. Smith—no one else.”

“The broads too?”

“Especially the ‘broads’ as you so inelegantly put it,” Jones laughed, “You don’t want to mess with ANY of those women. They’ll hand you your heads on a platter.”

“Ya think?”

Season 16—Adventure 5—On the Lam—Episode 1—Scene 1—At the Blue Sparrow Motel Café… Jonathan Hale met with our plucky heroes, “We’re leaving town on assignment—you folks will remain here in Moosehead County.”

“Why?” Chris asked.

Inside the Blue Swallow Café ©JBoardman“Why?” Chris asked.

“Because you need to establish yourselves as ordinary citizens of Danger Bay, and Moosehead County—and we have an assignment out-of-state,” Hale explained, “Juco wants you to become upstanding citizens so when we return from our mission—some of that ‘ordinary’ will rub-off on us.”

“Well, okay, I guess it will be good to have a little vacation,” Chris replied, “We’ll have to get places to live away from the motel—to make it look as though we’ve become permanent residents.”

“Excellent,” Hale replied, “I’ll contact you when we return.”

Episode 1—Scene 2—Inside the Forest City Bank… “Empty your cash drawers—and nobody gets hurt!”

“Okay—OKAY!” Mellissa, the only teller on duty when the bank opened ten minutes previously, said, “Emptying the drawers now.”

Inside the Forest City Bank ©JBoardman“Okay—OKAY!”

Moments later—they were out the door.

Have you noticed, GENTLE READER, how much one of the robbers resembles Joey?

After they were gone, the teller called the sheriff’s office and reported the robbery, “And—and—one of the robbers looked like a customer.”

“Really?” Sheriff Silverthorn replied, “Who?”

“Joey Jerkovich!”

Episode 1—Scene 3—Outside the Forest City Bank… “Let’s go!”

“Sure Joe,” Igor Romanovich, his brother replied, “Five-thousand bucks was hardly worth the risk—don’t you think?”

“I agree, Igor,” Joseph Romanovich replied, “We can hit the bank in Moosehead City before they figure-out where we went.”

“I LIKE that idea!”

Outside the Forest City Bank ©JBoardman“I LIKE that idea!”

Joseph put the pedal-to-the-metal and the powerful Charger RT accelerated well-past one-hundred miles per hour—AWAY from Moosehead City. When they left Forest City they drove out-of-town towards Moosehead City—but doubled-back on the back roads towards Lakeview City.

Episode 1—Scene 4—Inside the Sheriff’s Office… “Okay, folks—it’s time we hunt our friend, Joey, down.”

“Do you really think Joey robbed the bank?” Deputy Simpson asked.

Inside the Sheriff’s Office ©JBoardman“Do you really think Joey robbed the bank?”

“You may look at the video the bank sent, and decide for yourselves.”

They did—and the black & white images sure looked like Joey Jerkovich.



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3 Responses to “Do you really think Joey robbed the bank?”

  1. lhalvor says:

    Two Joeys? God help us.


  2. Joey Jerkovich says:

    Hold the boat!!! Joey’s being railroaded. At the very least Greyhounded!!!


  3. Chris Shouse says:

    Oh My!!!! A Bank Robber I think NOT Joey is one of the good guys 🙂


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