“Park our cars out of sight.”

On the Lam Banner ©JBoardmanPREVIOUSLY: “We have a deal on that Caprice,” Jones laughed as he rubbed his jaw, “By the way, my friends and I are looking for lodging, do you have any suggestions?”

“There’s just one place nearby—the Codger Lodge. I can give you directions.”

Episode 4—Scene 2—Inside the Codger Lodge… Medford Ambrose was at the desk, “Good day, sir, how may I help you?”

“I’m looking for lodging for six,” Jones said, “I was sent by Allen Simpson.”

“Big A?” Ambrose replied, “Did he tell you about Big Mac?”

“Yes—after he cold-cocked me during a one-punch fight to determine the price of a car,” Jones laughed.

“I was there when it happened,” Ambrose replied, “It was epic. Yes, we have six rooms available—I’ll even give you a ‘healing’ discount on the rooms.”


Season 16—Adventure 5—On the Lam—Episode 5—Scene 1—Outside the Codger Lodge… Jonathan Jones, Shepard Williams, Roger Ward, and Peter Hanson went outside the Lodge to make their plans, “No crimes, here, gentlemen—we’ll go out in pairs, and pick places to hit at least twenty-miles away.”

“And,” Shep Williams added, “Park our cars out of sight.”

Outside the Codger Lodge ©JBoardman“Park our cars out of sight.”

“Okay, Shep, find a spot and you and Pete make that happen. Roger and I will go to the bar and see what we can learn. I have a hankering to make a BIG score.

“You got it, Boss!”

Episode 5—Scene 2—About 183 mi. south of Lakeview city in Pine City, Minnesota… Shepard Williams & Roger Ward just left the 1st State Bank in downtown Pine City—a successful operation.

They made a clean escape.

Unfortunately—they were seen walking to their car.

1st State Bank robbed in Pine City ©JBoardmanUnfortunately—they were seen walking to their car.

Fortunately, the witness was not car-savvy, and could not describe the car in which they left town.

Still—95yo Harriet Smith contacted the police—and they responded quickly.

Fortunately, the fugitives drove south on Main Street only down to Cross Lake Road, and followed it to Pine County 130, where they turned towards MN 61.

A successful escape.

The two scored over ten-thousand bucks—and were feeling quite smug.

Eight hours—and lunch later—they arrived back at the Codger Lodge.

Episode 5—Scene 3—Inside Silverthorn’s Lakeview Tavern… Jonathan Jones hit the jackpot—there were two armored car drivers enjoying the hospitality of the tavern.

Jones ordered a beer and distanced himself a bit from the guards who were chatting with Phyllis Chambers behind the counter.

“Where you headed today, Robby?”

Inside Silverthorn’s Lakeview Tavern ©JBoardman“Where you headed today, Robby?”

“Well Phyllis,” Robby replied, “Down to Danger Bay, first.”

“Ah, if you take the old highway the drive is much prettier.”

“We always do, Phyl.”



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4 Responses to “Park our cars out of sight.”

  1. Joey Jerkovich says:

    Loose lips sink ships and sometimes armored cars.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Chris Shouse says:

    You just never know who might be listening 🙂 Zip It up Buddy 😬 🤐

    Liked by 1 person

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